Ash Wednesday,the beginning of Lenten season

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Ash Wednesday is the day all Christendom starts the Lenten season.

Lenten season is also a period of sober reflection. It is expected that every Christian will follow Jesus Christ to Golgotha , following him to Golgotha is not that you will just move to the place of skull but rather living a holy life that is worthy of emulation.

It is also a season of sacrifice, because there is no sacrifice that you will do that will reach even half of what Jesus did, but in your own way the sacrifice that you do from this season and after this season can help people around you to know the importance and the way to serve God Almighty.


I urge you to try as much as possible to live a Christ like life this season and seasons to come .

Let us pray
Lord we thank you , we worship your holy name and we praise . We pray that you lead us throughout this Lenten season and other seasons to come so at the end we will see you face to face in heaven. Amen .



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