Preparing For Service

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It is the desire of every christian to serve God. But those who want to devote themselves totally to this ministry and be successful in it need to prepare themselves. In the Bible we find many precious words of counsel and admonition for the person who knows he has been called.
The preparations of the heart belong to the man, but the answer of the tongue is from the Lord

Here the words "Preparations of the heart" tell us about the need to prepare our hearts.If you are called to a ministry, then you must prepare yourself for it.
It is vital that you do everything you can to make yourself a successful minister.
Your success in whatever work you do depends on how well you have prepared yourself.

If you want to fly an airplane it will be easy for you having already done a course in piloting. But if you are only an amateur, your flight may end in tragedy.
Preparation is necessary in every sphere of life

I understood this more than ever before when i became an evangelist,i saw that the reason so many ministers failed was because of their weaknesses.
Success doesn't come at once.
Today there are churches where people don't know the might of prayers, churches where leadership is lacking .

The reason for this is very often because of their leader's weak preparation for ministry. It's only in the course of preparation that you start to really understand what you yourself have to do to turn your calling into a successful ministry.
But if you don't have a right and clear understanding of the direction you are supposed to be going, you will just snatch out at whatever comes your way.

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This is very relevant for people who know that they have been called to the ministry.
If you know that God may soon be entrusting you with a particular ministry, then it's important that you look ahead to what may be awaiting you in the future and see how you can prepare yourself for it.
Above all, it must be clear to you the way you would want to see your ministry developing.


Good to hear from you druids, Thanks for sharing with Us!


Preparing for service is one way of ensuring success in ministry!

Good preparation engenders Good results
God is detailed in preparation and whenever He entrusts anything to us, He expects to prepare to the fullest under His guide to produce the right result

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