...And It Was A Success

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The Children's day party for the Trinitarian Orphanage sponsored by the SAOF and the Steemchurch was a success.

The event which started 12:00pm GMT+1 lasted for 5 hours.

The orphanage has 30 lovely children and managed by 2 Reverend sisters with the assistance of several workers
The master of ceremony MC Israel hosted the visit.
He led the opening prayers and talked to the Children about chasing their dreams and not allowing circumstances determine their future.

Opening Prayer


Speaking To The Children

They were told God is the Father Of The Fatherless and their protector who will always provide for their needs.

Photographs of some of the beautiful kids.

Meet Peter

He is smart and always smiling.

Meet Mary

Her eyes are so Innocent,she is a melanin queen.

Meet Joy

Joy,Say Cheese!!!

Hello Rachel





The Food Eating Competition

MC Israel stating the rules of the competition;
First child to finish his/her plate of rice get a prize.

Get Ready

Four participants were each served a plate of jollof rice.


The eating competition began.



The Dancing Competition

Daisy was in charge of this competiton, the participants had to dance with a plastic plate on their heads.
If you plate falls, you are out.



The dancing competition has two winners


It's party time 🎊

SAOF members danced with the kids while the DJ. Played trending Nigerian songs.
It was fun.
Tuesday May 28th Was The Best Day Of The Month.


It was finally time to share the Food, drinks and gifts.


Druids Personally Sharing The Gifts




Close Of Ceremony-Time For Photographs

The Children, SAOF members and Reverend Sister Theresa.

Apostle Jaff8 came as a representative of the Steemchurch To support the event.


Jotography _05-29-07.56.36.jpg

Members Of The Steemit Community

@jaff8, @omonosa and @druids.

Thanks for the support guys.

Behind the camera @sahrodion,Thanks for taking your time to cover this event. The pictures are beautiful.
You do your job with so much finesse, i'm glad i reached out to you.

My appreciation wouldn't be complete without thanking my steemchurch Family and @sirknight.
@sirknight,you have been a tremendous support, Thank you very much.
I and the Children Thank You.

I Love You All, I Am Very Grateful For The Donations and Support. You all made this event successful.

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excellent work @druids. You have given a little fun and love to those children.
descarga (5).jpg

Wow, the Children's day party for the trinitarian Orphanage that was hosted was fantastic:)
Lots of fun, knowledge shared and beautiful faces where seen:)
Thank you for sharing at this hour @druids God sees what you do and enrichly blesses those of unique mind!!

Great one mate

Thanks for the love and care you have made these kids experience

Warm regards


Keep on doing the great work of God.
Help the poor and encourage the needy.
#steemchurch will always feed the world and make things happen according to the word of God

Indeed it was a success, all glory be given upon God, @druids thanks for allow God to use you put smile on the faces of those beautiful children.

Upvoted and resteem.

I congratulate you for this noble cause, you made an effort to bring these children a different and happy day. Thank you for spreading the love of God through steemchurch.

This is amazing, it was indeed a success.

You guys have done a great job by putting smile on all this children faces.

steemchurch is doing a great work and changing the world.

To God be the glory,great things He has done.
You guys are doing a great job by reaching out to people and touching the lives of those wonderful children and also building them in the ways of the Lord.
#steemchurch is building a solid foundation.

That was a really colourful event. God bless you guys for making out time to put some smile on the faces of those children. Thanks to our able leader @sirknight for his love and support.

Wow I have been impressed and impressed with this wonderful event for the beautiful children it is beautiful to see that they will talk to him about God and have a super nice time I am glad to know that there are many people willing to help, it is a special service and God rewards his children who serve him Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos about this beautiful event. God bless you

Matthew 19:14 Reina-Valera 1960 (RVR1960)
14 But Jesus said: Let the children come to me, and do not stop them; because of such is the kingdom of heaven.

to give children all this love is to be at the gates of heaven we must be like them innocent and full of a lot of life

Wow,this is really awesome and great work from you guys,steemchurch is really doing a great job,I must commend your effort and show of love for this humanitarian service,good work pals.

Excellent work @druids .... Put a smile on the face of the little ones, God will also put smiles in your face...
In order of @sirknight purpose reaching the unreach , God will be near to you and not far from you..
Thanks @druids

It is especially beautiful, God bless those beautiful children and to you my brother @druids for that enchanting events the glory be to our God who gives us the strength to help others.

Great one. From the pictures one can tell that Children had a great time.
Nice one @druids.
Kind regards.

Wooo beautifull kids brother excelent work. God bless you more. God is love and in this action i see the love of God. God bless you more!!!@druids

A very nice initiative @druids you have taken a buoyant step in helping and assisting the less privileged by showing them love. May27th is their day (Children's Day) but most time tbey do not get to celebrate it because there's no one to do that for the. I believe this you have done for them will forever be in their hearts and they will always be grateful for it, even in years to come. Nice one bro. Keep it up

Wow, what a wonderful write up. Children is the best gift to man on earth, they are the leaders of tomorow. We should do every thing in our power to be a blessing to little children. Let us be a giver.

Stunning, the Children's day party for the trinitarian Orphanage that was facilitated was incredible:)

Loads of fun, learning shared and delightful appearances where seen:)

Much obliged to you for sharing at this hour @druids God sees what you do and enrichly favors those of one of a kind personality!!

To be sure it was a win, all eminence be given upon God, @druids a debt of gratitude is in order for enable God to utilize you put favor the characteristics of those delightful kids.

Awesome one mate

A debt of gratitude is in order for the love and care you have influenced these children to involvement

Brilliantly excellent, that is called being remarkable in our administration to encourage many, for this situation to invest a pleasant energy with youngsters amusements rivalries an offer, I installed the photographs everything is perfectly with affection. Much thanks to you for imparting this phenomenal venture to us. I am roused to proceed and encourage some more. God favor you my sibling @druids

Wonderfully beautiful, that is called being extraordinary in our service to help many, in this case to spend a nice time with children games competitions a share, I embedded the photos everything is beautifully with love. Thank you for sharing this extraordinary project with us. I am motivated to continue and help many more. God bless you my brother @druids

Wowwww! This is sooo awesome druids. Am happy it all went well. ThankGod for Grace. You did well.

Children are gifts from God and fun to be with. Thanks to @sirknight and steemchurch for putting smiles on their faces.

I also celebrated the children's Day with some special kids here in Abuja with other steemchurch parishioners

This is a great and fruitful event coming from our great people from great #steemchurch.
You are doing a great job by putting smiles on the face of those wonderful children.
Children are God's gifts and God is happy with those that took time to care for them.
God will continue to strengthen you.

You guys are amazing. Those kids must have felt special. They surely deserve it, even more.

Inspired with this superb occasion for the delightful kids it is wonderful to see that they will converse with him about God and have a super decent time I am happy to realize that there are numerous individuals willing to help, it is a unique administration and God remunerates his youngsters who serve him Thank you for sharing these excellent photographs about this lovely occasion. God bless you more @druids

This is awesome. it is a good thing to care about children.
Am happy to see these great people @jaff8, @omonosa and @druids.
reaching out to people under the banner of #steemchurch and our great @sirknight
May God continue to bless you and grant you success.

What a wonderful event, brothers, I congratulate you, the children are so happy, nothing is more rewarding than the smile and happiness of a child. God bless you!!!

What a wonderful event, brothers, I congratulate you, the children are so happy, nothing is more rewarding than the smile and happiness of a child. God bless you!!!

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Great work boss @druids.
So compassionate and a cheerful giver.
Ama Feeling your swaggs bro🙌