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Zion was in captivity but their captivity was turned around and they couldn't believe it. For you to take dominion, the tide has to change. God needs to turn the tide for you because some evil people are already in the position you are aspiring to or should be. For you to get to that position, something drastic must happen. You have been kept below for long and it is time for power to change hands. It is now the season of dominion and dominion must be taken by force. When God turns the tide in your favour, the stigma and shame boldly written on your forehead will be erased and replaced with glory.

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Examples of people that God turned the tide around for:
A. Peter: Luke 5:1-7. At that particular point as a fisherman. He was washing his net to go back home because he had caught nothing some hours before, he had a huge catch that almost drowned his boat because Jesus commanded him to let down his net. Peter had the kind of catch that he could never reap alone.

B. Esther and Joseph ( Esther 2:16-18, Gen. 42:1-45). Esther was a slave while Joseph was a prisoner. When it was time for God to turn around the tide in Esther's favour, vashti was dethroned because king ahasuerus refused to forgive her offense. When God visited Joseph, he went from the prison to the palace in less than 24 hours.

C. Obed-Edom: 2sam. 6:11. God turned a poor man to a rich man within 3 months because the ark of the Lord was in his house. The plan was for him to die because david thought the ark brought death wherever it went. God turned around the evil thought over obed-Edom and prospered him and his family.

Even as the tide can turn to your advantage, it can also turn to your disadvantage. Nebuchadnezzar became an animal because he refused to give glory to God. Samson love strange women and a strange woman destroyed him. Sin is a destroyer and if you remain in sin, God can never turn the tide in your favour because he hates sin. Identify with Jesus so that God can begin to turn the tide for you.

Thanks for reading through, change begins with you and I.


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This is all stupidity. You can't take what you want like Israel took the Promised Land.

Yes, Jesus gave Peter a miraculous catch of fish but they still left everything and followed him. Peter never benefited from it.

Joseph was sold as a slave by his brothers when he was 17. He started serving pharaoh when he was 30. It wasn't an instant turnaround. God gave the dreams to Joseph that he told to his brothers. That was the catalyst for him being sold into slavery. They meant it for evil but God meant it for good.