The limitless God Is. 40:12-31

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A very good morning to you all my fellow steemains, today's topic is the limitless God stay bless as you read. Thanks.

One of the oldest strategies of the devil is to take away people's minds away from the almightiness of God, and make them focus on challenges which make them forget that God exists, or believe that their challenges are too much for God to solve. It is a lie of the devil to think God is not interested in your situation: Matt.10:30. We serve a limitless God. But to truly understand how limitless he is, we must know the limitation on what man can do cannot limit God. We usually look at God through the eyes of man but we should look at man through the eyes of God.

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Things that limit man:

  • Time: It is running because everyone knows that they have little time, and want to achieve much in little time. Some impatient people do what they shouldn't do because they want to achieve certain things within certain time limits. When you have what to do, 24 hours look small. The devil knows this, and create diversions to take people away from the plan of their lives and waste their time on irrelevant things.

Even some people who find their purpose don't achieve it in the time required: josh. 13:1. When people wish they were in their youth, it means there are things they want to achieve but time is no longer on their side.

God is not limited by time, he dwells in a timeless zone and can move into the past, present and future to fix things. When God touches you, it affects your yesterday, today and forever. When God looks at you, he is looking at your entire life. When God blesses you, he is not limited by any circumstance.

  • Knowledge. This is related to time because how much you know is determined by how much time is available to learn. No man can read all the books in the world in a lifetime.

God was there before knowledge was. Therefore, God is not limited by knowledge, he knows all things. As human, we go to school to learn how to invent things, but God did not go to any school before he created the heavens and earth.

  • Power. There is a level of power that man is limited to, but the scripture teaches us that all power belongs to God: Ps. 62:11. God has financial, intellectual, spiritual and other forms of power: Ps 24:1, 10, Is. 44:24. If God is on your side, every devil against you is in trouble.

God knows what you are going through, let no devil deceive you that he doesn't. God also has a solution to your challenges. If you are seeking for help from man, know that man is limited. Even organizations can crumble, and God is from everlasting to everlasting. Turn to God today, and be a part of God's family that cannot be limited.

Thanks for reading, change begins with you and I.