obedience path to glory...num. 13:17-20, 25-30

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Joshua is one of the well known heros of the old testament. He led the Israelites into the promised land. Moses was supposed to lead the children of Israel into the promised land but he failed because of disobedience Num20:7-12. Everyone has a purpose in life. Whether we eventually fulfill that purpose is a function of our attitude towards God, and the things of God. God does not. want partial obedience because it cannot take you anywhere; He wants total and perfect obedience. Truth is, partial obedience is equal to disobedience. In the school of obedience, the pass Mark is 100 per cent. Anything below that is not okay.

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The interesting thing about God is that he is faithful to keep promises. Even if the vessel that he chooses to use to fulfill that promises becomes unfaithful, God does not change; he looks for another vessel instead 2Cor 1:20 God does everything in his power to keep his side of the agreement. God has a replacement for everybody: Rom 11:4.

So Joshua took the place of Moses, and completed the assignment that moses could not complete. So Moses's failure becomes joshua's success because of disobedience. According to deut 1:22-25, it was the children of Israel that told moses to appoint people to spy the land. They wanted to establish whether the land of God had promised them was worth the trouble. Their actions were a result of unbelief in God's word. They also relied on their wisdom and capability. We are not able to believe God that he is able to do what he says he would do because we depend on our ability. We are not ready to step down our abilities so that God can take control. We trust too much in what we can do or in what men can do for us.

We tell God what we want for ourselves instead of asking God what he wants for us and we lose mighty testimonies because of doubt and belief. We bring ourselves into ruin when we listen to the report of man than that given by God or his servant. We prefer to work by sights and not by faith.

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