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1 Chronicles 12:32: "Of the sons of Issachar, two hundred principal, understood in the times, and who knew what Israel should do, whose saying was followed by all her brothers."


Every time God is going to bring a change in a person, church or country, a time of transition comes, which can be very dangerous or very profitable; whatever will depend on the wisdom with which it is received.

The transition is the time between before and after a great event, and right now we are at the crossroads, at which time two things can happen: getting stuck in the past, or moving to a greater level, because this transition brings New challenges and new glory. There are many who at this time do not want to release the old and take the new that God wants to bring, but He changes the times, and is looking for people willing to move forward with Him, so that their purposes are fulfilled. Remember that there is always a before and after, but what should be done in the middle? It is there when wisdom is required.

The transition time can bring out the worst or the best of us. There are some who in their poverty manage to get out of that state because they take advantage of opportunities, because in the midst of bad times they bring the Kingdom of God to earth. Now, the transition brings out the worst or the best of the human being, and God wants to make the best of us at that moment, so, we must take advantage of it to see the manifestation of God's glory.

At this time God is testing whether we are like Joshua and Caleb, or like those cowards who backed away, because it is in the transition process that our conviction and character is revealed. If there is something that God is looking for, they are people of conviction to look at their character. The people of God, at the time of transition, do not break. Likewise, it is necessary to understand that, this transition time is dangerous, but it can be glorious, because something big is coming. This time starts the old and brings something new.

It is during the transition that people reveal their true "colors." It is during this time that we can abort the vision that God gave us, because it is a time of extreme pressure. How many things did David not suffer in his time of transition! but the Bible says that David was strengthened in his God; and we may cry alone in that process, but he who began the work in us will perfect it, because the knight of the cross is with us.

One of the purposes for which the time of transition comes is for no one to be proud, it is a time of great humiliation, of trusting in Him, and of walking by faith, because the just shall live by his faith, and the Bible says well that he who boast must glory in the Lord.

A transition was what happened between the death of Jesus and his resurrection. At this time there was a darkness, and sometimes, in that process we forget what God told us before. This happened to the disciples. After the time of transition comes that of resurrection, because God gives life to the dead. And many believe that after the time we are living today, today, in the world, a time of death is coming, but in reality it is not so, because before God returns to earth comes a great revival, because God comes to seek To a girlfriend who is ready.

I conclude by saying, that: although the vision will be delayed, we must wait for it, because it will arrive in due time, so let us not get tired of helping and doing good, because in our time we will reap but faint. (Habakkuk 2: 3-4)

In the same way I am sure that we will be surprised by God, who will also awaken the consciences of our citizens at any time (and that is no longer far, but much closer than we think). But what we do have to change are our ways of approaching people, such as our language and our lifestyle, having to be much more understandable in communication and genuine in behavior and, of course, or caring for and Renew our staging. I could go on but I think that everything stated in this message may be enough to reflect on that change so necessary for all of us and of such an urgent and necessary transition that will undoubtedly lead to the long-awaited time of glory, which we need so much in our dear community today, here and now.

Steemchurch is a church created with a firm purpose of impacting nations, but it has to be formed, formed in
values depending on God, the transition is a healthy transition waiting for the glorious direction of the Holy Spirit and working, all we need to move forward is to Christ.


Biblical text, "Bible in his presence translated into Spanish 1960"



There is a transition process, which allows the divine character to develop in our lives. You cannot go from a slave mentality to a conqueror mentality, without going through this process ...

It means that you are in a process, that you are not in the same place you were, but you will not be in the same place where you are.

You come from one place and you go to another place.

Transition from Slave Mentality to Conqueror Mentality

He who has a slave mentality always remembers Egypt and thinks that it is better than what God has promised. These are the complaints of a people who do not yet know God, nor have they taken care of approaching Him.

Even though you believe that in your spiritual life nothing is happening, something is happening, in your spiritual life in the same way that you don't know how many cells are dying in your body or how many cells are being born right now, in the same way Many times we don't know what God can be doing with our lives right.

The Son bears Witness of the Father, and the Holy Spirit shall make all things Clear...
July 26, 2019... 2.9 Hollywood Time...

People who became great began in the place of anonymity, in the secret place, where no one saw them. They did not abort the transition process, rather they submitted and were obedient and believed God above the difficulties. During this transition process, they did not see little of the things that God was doing with them and in them, which is why these things helped them in making the most significant decisions of their lives.

Everything is in some kind of movement, secular life does not work in a linear way, life has intermittentness in its process, life has highs and also has lows, life has lights but it is also full of darkness, life has moments of celebration and have moments of sadness.

But it is in these periods of uncertainty that many times we make serious mistakes and many times people in that period do nothing either. It is in these periods of transition between one season and the other between one change and the other that people enter into businesses that should never have entered, entered into a relationship that they should not have entered.

Any change costs but it is necessary if we want to succeed!

Any change costs but
It is necessary if
We want to succeed!

                 - edxserverus

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Great insight Apostle @Darlenys01. This knowledge on "understanding time, change, transition" is really lacking in many and it is what separates successful people from the unsuccessful. It is a time that character is tested and many who fail the test are never allowed to move forward.

I pray God to grant understanding to every parishioner of Steemchurch.

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Everything that happens in our lives is for a purpose and we must all go through a process for that purpose to be fulfilled.

About two weeks or so, I overheard an inspiration speaker recite a poem on radio and at the end of the poem he said

**Time is the real currency in life.

I didn't stop reflecting on this.

David the Psalmist says tha:

"Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning."-Psalm 30:5 kjv

Yes what do we do in between the night and morning matters a lot.
Thus, if only most believer or even unbelievers know that morning would bring JOY, then I'm sure that they would not have been committing suicide or doing things that would cause them pains in future.

A noble award winner Wole Soyinka once said that **a man's attitude when he has nothing as well as is humility when he has everything in life really matters a lot.

So we as Christians have to shape our attitude towards taking responsibility in God's household than be partial and inactive members of the @steemchurch.

God bless you real good for sharing your thoughts here.