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A team "is a group of people who work to achieve a common goal".
Teamwork is the ability to work together with the goal of achieving a common goal and vision, the ability to harmonize individual contributions in order to achieve the objectives, is the way in which ordinary people achieve extraordinary results.


Every group of people can be a team if:

  • They have the same objective. - Cooperate to achieve the same goal. - They manage to coordinate personal efforts and transform them into groups. - They maintain a fluid communication. - They are committed to paying the price.
    You should work with team members to communicate these factors:
    • That they will try to achieve together. • What will be the strategy to use? • How you expect them to work. • Where can you request help? • How the equipment will work.

Stages in team formation


  • Clarify the mission and purpose. - Establish objectives, strategies and ways to evaluate. - Identify resources. - Establish roles. - Define standards.


Conflict areas are presented. - Share and listen. - Establish trust. - Create a culture in which ideas are appreciated. - Develop support systems among members. - Set individual goals. - Stay focused on the team's objectives. - Achieve commitments and move forward. - Summarize regularly and communicate decisions to ensure understanding.


The team adjusts and finds commitment methods. - Advance as a whole to achieve the team's objectives. - Diagnose and solve problems. - Relying on individual and team strengths.


The team works with maximum efficiency to produce results. - Continue the movements as a whole to achieve the goals of the team. - Continue diagnosis and problem solving. - Draw advantages from individual strengths and equipment. - Maintain an atmosphere that promotes open dialogue. - Work to raise individual performance and as a team.

Characteristics of successful teams.

A team is effective if it manages to reach the goal that has been proposed in the proposed time.

The characteristics of effective equipment are:

a) The members know what they want to achieve: Each member of the team knows what the goal the team is trying to achieve.
b) The members are focused in the same direction: It has always been affirmed that four eyes see more than two, this is true if they do it in the same direction.
c) Members protect each other: The best way to build caring relationships is to meet outside the context of work.
d) Members know that it is important for the team: They know what makes the difference, therefore they invest time in improving and perfecting the actions that make that difference. They concentrate on that. A player who does not want to dedicate himself to what is important to the team makes the whole team ineffective. A single player without team mentality can spoil the team's work.
e) The members actively communicate with each other: 90% of the problems arise from the lack of communication. Communication in the organization, plays the role of blood in the human body, travels and leaves your information in every corner of the team.
f) Members grow together: Just as in marriage growth comes from shared experiences and communication times, if these things stop it is very likely that the team will fail.
g) The members think first of the team and then of them: The goal that is pursued is a higher objective than what happens to us individually and the adverse circumstances that arise. Great achievements always hide non-egocentric people who have learned to work as a team.
h) There is a spare prepared: No team has gone very far without having well prepared reserve members.
i) Members know exactly what the team is in: The ability to know what situation the team is in during work and what needs to be done is what makes the difference for the team to win their match.
j) Members are willing to pay the price: Every member of the team must be willing to sacrifice time and energy to practice, prepare, and be accountable for their work. For this it is necessary to be convinced that the objective is worthwhile.
k) Norms: These establish rights, limits of interaction and responsibilities to carry out the work.
l) Roles: The definition of roles establishes the work space for each team member where he finds freedom to develop his potential.
m) Good work environment: It is impossible to work long term in unhealthy work environments.
n) Shared decision making: Decision making is the product of reflection, interaction and agreement among team members.


Organization - Does the team know exactly what to do? - Does each team member have a clear idea of what the team's objective is? - Are the meetings effective?
Atmosphere of support - Can team members express their ideas freely? - Are all opinions heard? - Are all team members respected?
Methods to locate faults and change - Does the team have clear channels to express their concerns and complaints? - Does the team have methods to resolve conflicts? - Are team members open to new ideas?
Team spirit - Are members enthusiastic about the project and the objectives? - Do team members know that everyone plays a valuable role in the project? - Do team members understand that challenges are opportunities to make improvements, be creative and use their talents and capabilities to the fullest?

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Excellent message about the true focus of what a "team" is and its different stages for the effective conformation of it. Effective communication plays an important role within the team and the willingness of the members to work according to the main objective. Resources are important, but the most important thing is human resources. The clarity of the leader in the mission and vision of the team, will be able to promote and motivate all members. In this case, our leader is very clear about what is wanted with the SteemChurch International Ministry. Blessings

There is no better way than teamwork to achieve vision, as always an educational message.

The cohesion of a work team is expressed through the companionship and the sense of belonging to the group that its components manifest. The more cohesion there is, the better your members will work and the more productive your actions will be.

It was born as a need to have relationships with other people and complementarity to achieve challenges that would not be achieved individually. It also originates from the idea of streamlining and improving some conditions that hinder the development of daily tasks and the achievement of objectives in organizations.

The organizations have discovered that through group work better results are achieved, more quickly and efficiently, therefore, the implementation of work teams is a fact.

Trust is the main element of teamwork. It fosters an environment where all participants know each other's skills, understand their roles and know how to help each other

When a person is part of a team, knows that the achievements or failures are the responsibility of each and every one of the members. Do not encourage the "this is not my problem" mentality; make the problems and the successes are shared

Teamwork is very pertinent in achieving success. Just like the conventional saying, a tree cannot make a forest. Teamwork also makes the job easier; take a look at a football game. Goals are scored easier when teamwork is in place.

You can be rest assured that you have a very strong team at all angles ready to corporate, support and work with you.

These are deep insights into achieving purpose as a team. Communication is a vital tool.

Very informative! Team work is key to achieving greatness.

A detailed and comprehensive write-up.
Teamwork is key for any organisation's progress

Team work is always very good in every community and we it here at steemchurch

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Human beings need to feel part of something; Therefore, the most powerful factor in the creation of teams is the development of a common identity. Define what identifies your teams, set values and make each member aware of their impact on the team, we go by beun @ darlenys01 road.

The only way for all members to work as an orchestra is for there to be adequate communication channels. The real teams are heard and fed back. They are willing to change their minds and create strategies together.

Hello Apostle Many greetings from Cantaura. I find your publication interesting. Teamwork is important for the achievement of the objectives and goals of a corporation. Keeping your mission and vision in mind is relevant to guiding and motivating members. Count on my support and with all the brothers in Cantaura with whom we work with @elpastor. Blessings