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"He who despises his neighbor sins; but he who has mercy on the poor is blessed. "
Proverbs 14:21


I often listen and see people who want to be supported to achieve their dreams, but who do not support others in their dreams and projects. Very often I hear speeches from people who think they are very wise and capable enough to tell others that they will not achieve what they want, that things are not that way and so they go around the world cutting dreams and hopes.

But it is difficult to find people who can be seen as bridges, as doors that serve so that others can pass. People who are willing to open roads and fight not only for their welfare, but also that of others. Men and women who are willing to be agents of change when it is easier to follow the crowd or be frightened. People who have been and are willing to expose if necessary, their own lives so that this world is a better one.

One of the things that the gentleman spoke to me when he gave me my dream was: Darlenys, this I give to you so that you can serve me and bless the lives of others, take a pen as the logo of this dream, so that wherever you go, give it to those people who have dreams in their hearts, I am the giver of dreams, and you are a builder of them, although it has not been easy, being a dreamer, it also brings envy, betrayal, and harsh process, being a dreamer, is to be a visionary, and a warrior, but every time I defeat a giant the dream giver receives honor.

Christianity is a way of life, from that wonderful encounter with God and to feel it in our hearts, other things must flow. By this I mean that we should not be the stone in the shoe, we can not hurt those of our own army, and much more we have to give an example to those who have not yet been able to know Jesus Christ.

Sometimes it seems that we will forget that this vagabond, delinquent or prostitute that we see like this, can become transformed and be different. That the boy or girl who comes from the street can become an illustrious person if he finds people who extend his hand and give him an accurate word in time. We must be more sensitive to what happens around us, to the pain of people, to the expectations and desires that others have.

Who says that for an old man it's too late to go back to school? Or that a housewife, can not she manage to make her dream more treasured reality? Laughing at the dreams of other people simply makes us cruel, but when we believe and try to help them achieve them in turn we are achieving ours. We have to be visionaries, because Jesus was. He saw in each of his disciples potential beyond his office and his academic preparation. He examined the heart of the Samaritan woman and saw that she needed him to come to that well to meet her. He saw in the adulteress a soul that could be redeemed and freed, did not help to throw stones, was the peacemaker. In Zacchaeus he did not see a tax collector, he saw a man who was in need of a transformation.

We have to start believing in ourselves and in others. Elijah saw in Elisha a successor, he did not feel envy, he did not fear that he would usurp his place, on the contrary, he taught him everything he could. One day Elisha received the mantle and obtained a double portion. Moses taught everything he could to Joshua, Paul had his helpers. Because we are better when we work as a team. Please, do not despise your neighbor. Help everyone you can, do good without looking at who. Do not do good only to those who know or behave well with you, penetrate the darkness of someone who silently asks for desperate cries for help. It is easy to love those who love us, but virtue consists in being able to help others even when they have hurt us. When someone has fallen to the ground or to the deepest abyss, we have to extend our arms and help them out of the pain and darkness in which they find themselves.

I'm not a saint or anything like it. I know that what I say is not always easy to do. But God wants us to be the transport, the vehicle, the link. That we can help others dream and make their dreams come true. May we impart a word of encouragement and hope, when all the others speak, confess and shout badly. He who has mercy as the text of the Bible that I have used says, is and will be blessed. Every time we disparage, we are invalidating and trampling on the dignity of a person. Every time we make fun of others, really who we are making fun of is ourselves. Every time we use a word to destroy it is as if we were killing or killing someone's hope. And in that way we can not wait to get to heaven.

I invite you to be part of the year-end campaign, initiated by @sc-v "Turn on a Light" let us shine the light of Christ and enlighten the lives of others, that is our mission, that when we go through the darkness of the people, these are clarified by the light of God in us.

It's time for freedom!
Bring your light to the world!


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It is true that such persons exist that would not want to help you achieve your dreams and visions. But the truer thing to know is that, it is wrong for you to let such toxic persons kill your passion to serve humanity.

I'm glad we still have people like you in the world @darlenys01, people with the heart of gold, always ready to serve mankind. God bless you. I pray that you find supports in achieving your dreams.

Keep going for your dreams, God supports you and much of the community too.

seen in front and moving forward, sensitive to the Holy Spirit that leads us to all truth.

For donations to which account should be directed?


Hello my brother, the donations are for @sc-v, indeed my desire is to go through the world to awaken the dreamers who are asleep, who believe that there is no time to live the dreams that God placed in his heart.

Helping to build the dreams of others is a gesture of reciprocal love and helps maintain unity in the church and in our neighbor
This is how a visionary is built


Amen @giacamila777,we are builders of dreams.

God bless you sister as Christians and as people we should be the link to make a dream come true.


We go through the world with the light of Christ looking for dreamers capable of believing the giver of dreams, God!

Thank God for people like you Darlenys01 for receiving such a vision as this. Like Mordecai to Esther, dream builders are unique in God's plan for a people.

blessings sister must be and have mercy is the life of a Christian and rejoice when a person is overcome and it is not because he is less than one but because as Christians we must be full of dreams and purposes.


The dream that God placed in our hearts is the motor that drives us to live.

excellent reflexion @darlenys01 we must be motivators of any dream that is prosperous for anyone, sometimes we do not measure the words and we can literally kill a dreamer.


Never people who are on our side can leave the same way they arrived, somo environment transformers, repairers of portillos.

Being a Christian is a lifestyle that makes a difference and mercy must embrace us to embrace others
Good reflexion @darlenys01.

God bless you very beautiful sister reflection for all, God wants the best, for all imagenese who makes a gift to anyone and when you receive it you see the face of joy, this is God when his children do well, the competition It must not exist between brothers who fight for the same purpose.


Amen, @josevina,God brought us to earth with a dream in our heart.

As much as we offer help for others as Christian friends, God also honours our request which we have been waiting long ago. What is greediness? Those who have and hide them will tend to lose them, but those who have little and still share that little will get in abundance. We should remember that God will measure our righteousness and bad deed too. Thanks for this beautiful write up!


Thank you for comment, we must be willing for every good work.

We Christians are builders of dreams and as good visionaries we must motivate and help as much as possible to realize dreams in our brothers and friends
Good reflexion

Excellent message visionaries always bring out the best in others.

We must ask God for his grace and favor to help us have the necessary vision and help our brothers and sisters to build their dreams