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We are about to enter the last quarter of the year, and it is good to reflect everything we have done in this 2019, what we want to achieve in the coming days, as human beings we are prone to make mistakes, surely more than one, we have seen our life in a well, and we think we have dug it ourselves. I have placed this message "A SECOND ATTEMPT" based on my experience as a human being and biblical writing.

I feel in my spirit that many people are yearning and dreaming of a second chance for their lives, close their eyes and imagine doing things without mistakes, whether in love, at work, in their family, etc ... me too I do it. Sometimes the fear of the second attempt is what stops us from taking that step that will lead us to consolidate our dreams.


Today God wants to tell us about the second opportunities, although many people will not agree with my appreciation, I know that God has no barriers when it comes to blessing us, we were placed on this earth to overcome every obstacle, to achieve the happiness that our savior gives us : Jesus Christ.We think a lot about what they will say, in societies, that is why we live in captives in lives full of unhappiness and captivity, when God has called us to give us freedom.

If there are second chances, then there are second attempts, we cannot stop to correct and build our destiny. If you are going through a crisis in your life. God is an expert in restoring, but we have the decision.
The Lord does not unite meats, God unites purpose, destiny and ministries, when God told Abraham that he was going to have a son, and as time went by he saw no answer, he made a plan B, with his strength and had a son with a woman who was not the woman of her purpose, we cannot help God, but obey what he has sown in our hearts.

In the bible there are many stories of men and women who experienced second chances in their lives:

Abraham, after being an unbeliever, became the Father of Faith.
David committed the sin of adultery and God had mercy on him.
Jacob went from being a usurper to being Israel, God's chosen people.
Elijah was a fearful, God himself took him out of the cave of despair.
Paul was a murderer and persecutor of Christians, and made him a great Apostle.
Peter was called from being a fisherman, to being a fisherman of men.
He used a sinful woman to call his people.
He transformed Nohemi's life through daughter-in-law Ruth.
Esther was made queen by the grace of God and was able to save her people.
Debora was a prophetess and judge of Israel, a warrior.
He turned the weak Gideon into a brave warrior.
He called Jose from prison to be governor of Egypt.

God is a father full of grace and mercy that tells us about his love, in my walk and knowing God, he has broken those mental paradigms imposed by men, talk about hell, talk about hate, legalism, let's talk about God and of the love made man Jesus, I don't know how your life has been, but what your heart desires `to be happy in the will of God you can achieve it, there will always be people who will accuse us of a failure whether it be a divorce, bad testimony in some area, work, finances, etc., but the most impressive case of God's opportunity is reflected in the thief of the cross, when he recognized his error and recognized Jesus as his savior, he obtained redemption. We never heard Jesus ask him how many robberies he made, how many times he married or had fun, what he studied, what his family was, no, Jesus saw his heart.

Speaking a little heart, give it to God, let him take control of everything that prevents him from fighting, today is the day of your second chance, it is the time of your second attempt to fulfill God's perfect plan.

Many successes will occur in this last quarter, and God is waiting for his second attempt, where you are closing your eyes for a moment and answer:

What would you do with a new opportunity for your life?

Many people with things kept in their hearts that do not dare to express themselves through measure, out of pride, is how forgiveness must be allowed to flow, let us be free from all ties, from all chains of slavery in hearts.

Today God will scrutinize the desires of your heart and give you that opportunity in love, at work, in your health, never feel guilty or unworthy of a new time from God, he knows our heart, and if he gives us a chance It is because he believes in us, let us leave fear and move towards the morning of glory.

Today's decision will be your well-being and happiness of tomorrow.

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Thank you Mother of Crowds for Reminding us that We still got opportunity to recover the wasted days past. God gives us another opportunity ti achieve our dreams as we are privileged to see this last quarter.


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The Scriptures do not tell all the stories of God's grace. God leads people from their failures to incredible success.

God always gives us another opportunity, because he loves us, and that second opportunity must be taken advantage of.

Thank you @darlenys01, for this update God will always give us an opportunity to restore our lives-Excellent.

Beautiful message there will always be an opportunity to start in Christ Jesus.

God is always willing to bless us and give us a new dawn, so today is the day to ask for a miracle to live the life God wants.

God is a God of opportunities. It is up to us to recognize our mistakes and ask God for a second chance. A second attempt will help us enjoy the mercies of God. Blessings

This is a true call o re-examination. God grants us a second chance, But, we must ask ourselves the question whether we will maximize the opportunity.

Thank you Apostle D.

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