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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, peace be with you all

Today is another great day that the Lord has blessed us with.

What Killed the Frog

A man put a frog in water on fire, it was noticed that the frog continue to adjust it body temperature to that of the water until the water reaches its boiling point. That time the frog has reached its maximum and hence needed to jump out. It try at that moment and it couldn't . what do you think kills the frog. Many may say the hot water but what we need to know is that it was killed since it refuses to jump. The frog continues to use all his strength adjusting to the water temperature until it reaches point where all his strength was exhausted.

Steemchurch Parishioners, the frog here represent you and i. We have been adjusting ourselves as Christians, the time for us to jump and show our true identity in Christ is here. Join me as we match on to join #SteemChurch international ministry. Don't just join but let us see the little in you. To be able to achieved our aim as one body we need team work.

Team Work

To any strong organisation, there must be a strong leadership. Leaders at that point should put God first in all their doings and act fairly to all subordinates, help the helpless and restore their hope. Subordinates are also mandated to work with all their heart from the Lord said;

Ephesians 2:10
"For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them."

Thanks for your time with me and don't forget to join the moving train. Let us show what we ate made off

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Hahahaaa...! That is very true @bigssam, we continue to remain where we are since we do not jump early to receive our blessings. SteemChurch, and now, SteemChurch Telos are closer to us, but we continue to adjust to our situation.