Intoxication of man

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Young people, I hope you are enjoying our texts and that these preciousness of the Word of God may be stoning you, just as the diamond is stoned to its highest value!

Today, we will talk about the temptation of man. We will tackle some problems that the enemy of God caused shortly after God finished such a beautiful creation!

The temptation of man

The creation of man was a very important event. Maybe you wonder: what was I created for? Or why did God make me?

Our creation arose from the will of God to have someone carry out his plan to restore God's government and rule with Him on this earth, defeating Satan, the enemy of God (Hebrews 2: 5-8).

How important are we, is not it? We have been made to complete God, made in his image and likeness, but without the deity.

Man was created with several functions and one of them is serving God. This was his function in the garden, besides growing it and keeping it.

God also created many species of animals and birds, giving man the opportunity to name them. While he names them, he sensed that there was not a pair for him and he felt lonely. Then God gave him a help that was good for God. It was not good for the man to be alone.

We find here a very important principle - do not be alone! Serve together, keeping communion! When we are alone, there is greater ease of being attacked and falling.

The enemy of God, take advantage of that kind of opportunity to reach us! Exactly what happened when Eve was away from her husband, Adam. The serpent, with the aim of damaging God's plan, approached the woman, when she was alone, to speak to her. The probability of making her fall was greater, because she was alone. If both were serving the Lord together, the serpent would not have had this opportunity.

There is another principle, too, very important - not to speak beyond what God spoke. Genesis, chapter 2, verses 16 and 17 says: "And the Lord God has given you this command: Of every tree of the garden you shall freely eat, but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat; she will certainly die. " This was God's order for the created man, but in the conversation between Eve and the serpent, recorded in Genesis 3: 1-5, we perceive the accretion of the word "tocareis" in the ordinance of God, which encouraged the enemy of God to continue with the temptation and confuse the woman even more.

The fall of man

After being deceived and eating the fruit forbidden by God, the woman gave her husband and he also ate, and both became aware of good and evil. In that way, the fall of man occurred and sin entered into him.

Young, we want to warn you how, until today, we receive the influence of those two trees of Eden. In that garden, there were two trees that took man to completely different paths, one for death and the other for life.

Every day we meet with the elections and if we do not choose the Lord, we will certainly die. It is true! Do not doubt it! God wants to fulfill His goal in our lives, but it depends on what we choose, whether the tree of life or the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The man who chooses badly becomes temporarily useless for God.

A longing exists in the heart of God: that you choose life, that you choose to live.

Because of the fall of man, terrible elements contaminated our nature that had been constituted by God (Romans 5:12). Some of those elements, which are a consequence of disobedience, are present below:

  1. Death, which entered through sin; (Romans 6:23);

  2. The life of the soul (a life independent of God).

The second element presented above is our biggest problem, which we must fight daily. Maybe you are wondering: what is the life of the soul? The life of the soul is a life independent of God that wants to do everything in its own way and taste, and was acquired with the fall of man. It is the consequence of disobedience.

Probably, you have heard the following phrase: "Deny our wills to do God's will". Did you stop to wonder why there is always something within us that is against God? Why are we always fighting to not do the evil we detest? And most of the time that evil is what we tend to do (Romans 7: 18-19).

God did not create us to be independent of Him, so why is that life within us? Consequence of the fall of man! Satan entered and implanted that poison in us. Now, we must fight against this strange new day by day.

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Temptation will always be present, we can neglect our heart or give room to greed.
Thanks Bertha, for sharing !

Resteem by: EC


Temptation will always be present, we can neglect our heart or give room to greed.
Thanks Bertha, for sharing !

Resteem by: EC