All the signs, evidence, proof and reason behind the return of Christ as all leads to one starting point of real faith;

There's no escaping reality. He's back.

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Every year there are preachers who claim that the end times are near, using catastrophic events or negative events of lesser magnitude as "evidence" to support these claims, also while completely ignoring the scientific reasons for these events. So far the world didn't end, but the mind-numbing preaching of the end being nigh continued. It's almost hard to believe that this video isn't sarcastic at this point considering how often during history this occured with no actual end following.

Hardly. If you looked more closely than one single post, you'd see we often take into consideration the logical processes. We often find ourselves amazed that science and reason are so often considered negligible by people claiming to have faith.

In reality, we understand that "end" is only another word for change, especially drastic change. That has certainly happened throughout history, so it isn't as though "nothing happened." Still, it's reasonable to keep a "cried wolf" track record in mind. Look at the many alarms of this sort in history. Of the ones you actually know in detail, if any, how many had more than one or two flimsy lines of evidence or biblical correlation? None. They would zero in on one lone verse or another and scream the sky was falling. If you actually scrutinized the much broader range of information we supply across multiple websites, social media, youtube, and Steemit posts, there's just too much to process in a short amount of time.

So your main argument here is basically that I can't understand because of my ignorance. I ask you kindly to enlighten me then, otherwise I don't accept that as such claims can be made in any dispute. Saying there is too much to process in a short amount of time is not an argument. Plus stating that the world is changing is nowhere near an admirable feat, it's stating the obvious. If that is all that the end of the world is supposed to mean, then that is quite underwhelming for such a big label if you ask me. But to refer to the video itself, I was lead to believe that it's talking about the biblical meaning of the end of the world based on something that was implied near the beginning of the video, where they showed that Fox News story of the UFO sightings in Israel and where they affirmated Megan Kelly's question which went "Is he back?". Was I wrong to assume that this was an implication of the returning of Christ? If so tell me what else that should have been.

@baustein Just because science can explain how an event happens doesn't explain their timing... if you wanted to use that argument during the exodus from Egypt with all of the plagues hitting her when they did... would they be less from God? We can scientifically explain how the Jews crossed the red sea... doesn't take away that it still came from God. We can scientifically and rationally explain the creation of Mankind as well... we do the same thing in our science labs today. So again, just because we can rationally explain something through science doesn't take away from God.

No it doesn't take away from god, and it doesn't prove god either. Weird random timing happens, so therefore it has to be god. Is that what you're saying? Again, there were already different kinds of preachers in the past that interpreted certain timings of events as some kind of sign that the world is soon ending. And yet we are still here. And yes, being able to explain things actually did disprove certain biblical beliefs, like how the whole Earth was supposedly flooded for instance. That never happened. Not everything can be explained yet, sure, but I don't accept that god of the gaps philosophy, where everything yet unknown has to be the work of god. Personally I don't even deny the possibility of a creator, but I doubt that it's the same creator described in the bible or any other religion.

We put it on our websites!

People still mock because they do not understand. Yes we have science today that can explain many things, but what it cannot explain is the TIMING of events.

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