The blessing of giving the tithe to God.

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God bless my brothers of steemchurch.

Bring all the tithes into the storehouse and have food in my house; and prove me now in this, says the Lord of hosts, otherwise I will open the windows of heaven for you, and I will pour out a blessing on you until there is too much. "

It is surprising to see how here, contrary to the usual biblical pattern, the people received the invitation to put God to the test. If they honored him, they stopped stealing and brought what He required in a demonstration of true repentance, He would rain on them an excessive abundance, protect them from the fearsome locusts, here called "the devourer" and they would be blessed and desirable among the Nations of the world.

Why did God give such emphasis to the payment of tithes? Because when they were not paid, the priests were forced to abandon their ministry and become farmers; the religious life of the nation was paralyzed and the widows, the poor and the foreigners suffered. However, the main sin was not this, but the theft from God and disobedience towards Him, who was the true king of the so-called theocracy or government of God in Israel.


What does the expression "bring all the tithes into the storehouse and have food in my house" mean? The storehouse was a room in the temple where the people brought the tithes of their animals and crops. This was the treasure of the temple, and one of the tasks of the prophet Nehemiah was to ensure that the provisions necessary for the sustenance of the ministry in the temple were not lacking, as it happened during his absence.

When Nehemiah returned to Jerusalem, he discovered that a man named Tobias, a declared enemy of God, was living in one of the chambers of the Temple that had been cleansed and conditioned. Why did this happen? Because the people were not offering generously, so they converted a room for the offerings into a room to sleep. But Nehemiah cleared that place, and throwing Tobiah's belongings out the window, told him to leave the city. Soon after, the people began to bring back their offerings and to fill those rooms or deposits.

This is how it was offered in Israel in those days. If you have read the Bible you will remember the law regarding the offerings. God ordered to give certain parts of the animals that were taken as offerings for the food and sustenance of the priests. He ordered them to eat it right there, since at that time there was no refrigeration system, and if this recommendation was not followed, the food would soon be spoiled by the heat of that land. They should not keep it but, if someone did not comply with that mandate, he would have a problem.

The following work was taken from the Bible school after the teacher
the biblical references are from Reina Valera 1960.

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Interesting message @amis24vi, what we give to God will always be a minority compared to what we receive from Him.



When we give we are blessed by God. Good post