Fire Cannot Be Extinguished By Fire

in steemchurch •  2 months ago

Our world needs love and peace in order for its problems to be solved. The loving person is peaceful in his relationships with people and is loved by others. How beautiful…..?

Your peace of mind lets you live peacefully with others and with yourself too. Peace of mind gives you the ability to think in a balanced way, solve your problems with no agitation or confusion of thoughts. 

On the other hand, loss of peace of mind leads to conflicts; such minds entertain disagreement, cannot deal peacefully with other people and hardly listened and accepted by others. They are known by their confusion and disorder, and discourteous behavior since peace doesn’t exist within them.

As you loss peace of mind you probably cause nervous tension and troubles that ultimately leads to numerous physical, emotional and social problems. It afflicts with frequent harms such as illnesses, mental fatigue, worries and mental frustration, depression, sadness and confusion

Have you ever seen a person, who was originally wronged, but tries to reply rudely? Y..E..S…when you lose your internal peace, your internal confusion may become apparent externally with your behavior appearing unbalanced. You despise the damage and negative effects that result from handling things with violence. But you prefer to solve things that come on your way with forcefulness imagining that it is quite good quality or strength of character. By doing so you want to prove that you are the right person all the time, despite mistakes is pinned on you

You must have the mentality that promote peace of mind is cornerstone for every success in every aspects of your life. Maintain your inner peace and never drop your composure with other people. With peace of mind you can pacify the rude and even people come to you in order to solve their problems. 

A peaceful mind radiates love; that love purifies hate; Fire cannot be extinguished by fire but by water 


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