Hurricane Lane Set To Pound Hawaii With Rain

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In recent days we have been following the development with Hurricane Lane as it moves through the Pacific ocean towards Hawaii. Then it made a left turn keeping it from hitting the island with the full force of a Category 5 hurricane. This does not mean they are out of the woods yet. The very edges of Hurricane Lane will still make landfall and it is set to dump roughly 50 inches on the big island. This is on top of the already erupting volcano that is still spewing ash and lava.


People are currently stocking up on supplies in anticipation of what is coming their way. Let us not fool anyone here, this is yet another biblical chastisement from Lord RayEl upon the unrepentant people of Hawaii. He wants them to repent and come to him.

“Just because it’s sunny in some places right now doesn’t mean people should think they’re safe,” Bob Burke, a National Weather Service meteorologist, said on Wednesday afternoon.

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Things in the world will only get worse with the effects of Nibiru!

Hawaii just hasn't got the message yet

Last I saw, it had already dumped 30 inches of rain with more coming.

And still, people deny a good biblical chastisement when they see it... what will it take for them to wake up.

The trumpets were blown, earthquakes happent then the volcanoe and now a biblical storm... Um, wake up! Christ has arrived and is rightfully pissed. for more information