I have already completed 3 months of leaving my homeland, my family, wife and daughters. Every day I go more in ways that I never thought to go, despite the nostalgia that implies being alone, away from everything you know, you know you do it, by people who depend on you and you can not fail, and that if Some time you feel weakness, we must remember that GOD is at your side at all times and in every place we go.

I remember the days of sharing daily in steemchurch and bring back memories of joy, but now that I am far away I would like to be able to be there, reading, commenting and creating good material for the cross for freedom.

But my preparation is beginning and the HOLY SPIRIT has given me a very great responsibility and I want to live up to that commitment. 

even if I have problems with the signal and internet I am here once more, I will return soon BROTHERS. @Emiliocabrera thanks for the support of always, @Darlenys I hope that you remain what you are and bring to the cause of CHRIST good things

Special regards to @Sirknight, who has taught us with education and nobility how to be better and think about the common welfare and not the individual ... BLESSINGS!