[$10 SBD SteemChallenge Game Time!] A Movie Title Steem Roll - Replace One word in a movie title with the word "steem". (See full rules inside post!)

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Hey again, Steemitizens!

Time for another PopUp SteemChallenge!!!

SteemChallenge.com has your backs, friends and steemitizens!

We know we may not be very perfect at it yet but we are just in the minnow stage as a product.

Now I'm looking for game and contest creators of every genre to come enjoy a free listing for a while on me, while we finally get this thing whipped into shape during some pre-release beta testing with interested steemit.com game and contest creator community participants. Just drop by https://steemchallenge.com/support and open a ticket with me directly (@SirCork) to talk about getting your game online in the directory!

Oh wait, you came here for a prize, not a plea for help though, right?

To win all you have to do is:

  • Write a comment below containing a movie title of your choosing.

  • Replace one word in the movie title with the word "steem" or "Steem".

  • Up-vote this post

  • Re-steem this post

  • Follow me, @SirCork

  • Oh and one last thing. You have to do all of the above AND get the most votes on your comment when I sort the page by "trending" comments and snapshot it at 1:30 AM EST tonight.

Now get going and checking off the rules steps! Let's see how far we can move this post around steemit in 5 hours. And soon enough, some lucky smarty pants with lots of people lovin' on their steemified movie title entry, will win some SBD tonight!

And just like that, this post is over.

Full steem ahead, steemitizens!



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Awesome contest sircork :D Happy to submit to you one of my favorite movies.


Thank you for the compliment. I am not voting on entries so obtaining winning vote counts is up to contestants. But I wanted to acknowledge your compliment!


STEEMdog Millionaire, (that's what we are aspiring to be)... Title adopted from movie..
Slumdog Millionaire


hahah that is a good one!

Thank you for playing, A winner has been chosen!

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Movie Title: To Sir With Love
Revised: To Steem With Love


As contest operator, I cannot vote. However as @SIRcork, I like where you're going with that. From Sir with <3!

The Beautiful Steem

Original: The Beautiful mind, Russel Crow as John Nash, the master of Game Theory

The Steem Father

Original - The Godfather



Steeminator :v

The Matrix Resteemed

Me, myself and MySteem(Irene)

The steemit redemption!


Please also state the original movie title. Not everyone knows all the in-between words. Saves a lot of bewildered, head scratching to share the "answer" to your steem movie rendition! Thanks! :D PS: I do know this one, btw! This is a suggestion for others to come.


The Shawshank redemption

Steem Hour


Yes @cheetah, that's the last time I ran my game, duh!

Wow. I even changed a lot of the text this time, for round two.

Picky picky, Mr. Bot.

Now get off my lawn, before I use your parts to fix my old rusty lawnmower!

(Art from: http://legohaulic.deviantart.com/art/Broken-Bot-49541320)

STEEM POWER of the Lambs.


"Eyes Wide Steemed"

Nightmare on steem st.


Original: Braveheart
and shout it out really loud: FREEDOMMMMMMMMM!!!!!! 😁

Steemit Party
"Sausage Party"

Its a WTF adult adventure comedy animation film. Very funny.

Requiem for a Steem

[Requiem for a Dream (2000)]

The dark steem rises
**it's funny because steem really rises... no?, just me. Ok.

Spirited Away

Steemed Away

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Steemed Me

Star wars

now playing...

Steem Wars


Thank you for playing, A winner has been chosen!

Steem and Loathing in Las-Vegas

I think I'm late but I was having fun reading them and figured I'd throw one in the pot for good measure!

Kevin Costner in: Field of Steem


Glad you enjoyed the read and game! Better luck next time!

Steem 007


Thank you for playing, A winner has been chosen!

Me, myself, and steem.