🐱 #SteemChallenge - Check how many cats I fed for 5 STEEM!

in steemchallenge •  6 months ago
This video is an entry to the SteemChallenge hosted by @promo-mentors and supported by the @fundition.
I’m a cat lover and I believe that what is good should be share so I decided to check how many cats in Thailand I can feed for 5 STEEM.
Get ready for a large portion of good energy, watch the video and count with me all happy cats!

Click and watch the video ⤵


Would you like to see the next video in which we feed cats? Resteem this post! Each resteem is one can of wet food which I will buy to give happiness to hungry cats.

Look at cats with full bellies that send you even more good energy!

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You will go to the heaven with all these cats! <3 :)


I have to feed a lot more to get there. ;)

Such a great thing you do to feed them! I live in Richmond, VA near Downtown and there are about 10 feral cats I feed in my front porch and my back porch. Actually the 3 cats in the back, live there now lol. Those were some cute kittens! I would be sad leaving them but it looks like they are healthy overall.


It's fantastic that you feed such a group of cats! 😍 @clove71 you are probably already a kitten mother forever and this is an honorable title. 😉 Have you already given names to the 3 cats that allowed you to live next to them? 😃

Hello @see-it-feel-it,

We love your video. It's amazing! Some shiny little SteemCats. ^_^

There are some things that needs to be fixed as per contest guidelines before we consider your entry for a feature on our blog. Please contact us on discord channel.

I am a curator from @promo-mentors. Discord Sever


Hi @hungryhustle I am glad that you like Shiny little SteemCats. :D
Of course, I'm already checking the discord channel.

Thank you @see-it-feel-it.

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Thank you @Fundition for your support! I think that you are doing really great things and that is why I will be happy to spread the word about you whenever I can. All the best! 💙

Today I don't feel like doing anything..