Task Challenges coming in next update!

In version 5 of Challenge, we will be introducing task Challenges!
How will tasks Challenge work? Task Challenges will add very new and important capacity and one that our users have been asking for us to provide for some time!


Task Challenges will allow users to name a task and place a token reward for the completion of their named task! To Create a task Challenge users will be prompted to enter instructions explaining what their task entails. Users can add an optional picture. Afterward, the creator will be able to select the amount of the prize and the number of winners can be rewarded for completing the task! Users who chose to carry out the Challenge can place proof of their Challenge task completion in the comment section of the Challenge which will appear on the Challengedac news feed! Then it is up to the Challenge creator to choose who to release the tokens too! We are excited to release a function that serves as useful and practical to a wide variety of users leading us to believe this feature will add to our fast pace growth!


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Great feature .

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