Steem.Center Wiki - Rewarding Contributors with STEEM (All SBD will be donated to #steemcenterwiki project)

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Steem.Center Wiki Project

Recently, I have been actively contributing to the Wiki project over at

This project is actively promoting users to contribute to the Wiki about all things related to STEEM to build a bank of knowledge for users to access. It contains a lot of information that assisted me when I first accessed SteemIT and is great for new users with questions.

Active contributors will be payed with STEEM for their contributions, dependant on how much of a contribution they make across a month. Last month I earnt 8 STEEM for making only a small contribution and this month I will be dedicating some more time to the Wiki to build the database with informative content for users.


The rules and requirements for contributing to the wiki can be found ------> HERE and I have also posted them below for convenience.

Rules for being Rewarded for contributions to the Steem.Center Wiki

In order to transform into the wiki about all things related to steem @steemcenterwiki will reward contributors to the wiki by distributing monthly all the steem generated. To partcipate simpley agree with the rules below.

  1. Every applicant should register his wiki user page showing a Steemit @ username that will receive the steem transfer for his eventual collaboration.

  2. After the end of each month the @steemcenterwiki will distribute the total of steems in its wallet to the wiki registered active users in the period, following this formula:
    S = Total of Steems generated and collected in @steemcenterwiki
    a = Total of actions of registered wiki users listed in “Active user list" page
    u = Total of registered monthly active wiki users
    Vd = Unit of value to be tranfered to all registered monthly active wiki users
    Vp = Unit of value to be transfered proportionaly to the number of actions each monthly active wiki users did
    Vd = 60%S ÷ u
    Vp = 40%S ÷ a

  3. Each wiki registered user would receive the unit of value (Vd) plus the unit of value (Vp) multiplied by the sum of actions he did in the month

  4. After the end of the month and before the distribution, @steemcenterwiki will post a list of monthly active wiki users and the values that would be transfered to each one. The listed participants should be following @steemcenterwiki at that time in order to receive the transfer.

  5. A week after the post being published (item 4) @steemcenterwiki will tranfer Steem to the registered Steemit usernames (item 2), except to those who are flagged in the post comments as suspicious or with fraud actions.

  6. Flags and complaints will be decided until the next distribution period by a majority of votes of a committee of 5 members: 2 wiki most active users of all time, 2 wiki most active users of the month and the wiki owner @someguy123.

All rules above must be followed to receive benefits from contributing to the wiki.

Head over to and check out the wiki. There is a help document for assistance to get you started or you can Direct Message me over on the Discord PAL channel if you need some further assistance:

This post is to bring some additional awareness of the project to other users and to gain some more contributors for the wiki. I encourage all steemians to help construct the wiki for the good of the platform.

Additional information about the Steem.Center Wiki project can be found here:

Follow @steemcenterwiki or access #steemcenterwiki for more updates and information.

All SBD from this Post will be donated to @steemcenterwiki to help continue developing the database.

Thankyou to @someguy123 and @wagnertamanaha for this fantastic initiative and developing the #steemcenterwiki

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Great post Scotty, I did try getting into this weeks ago when I came but couldn't get in I'll try again dude.
Cheers for the reminder and info.

Wow this is a little more complicated than my brain can handle this morning. I will have to review this a few times. Sounds like a great idea though

Its easy enough. Head over to the wiki and you can access the help page for assistance. There is a lot of information that hasn't been uploaded to the wiki yet. Thanks for reading.

Great initiative. Sharing.

Thanks bud.

Thank you very much for your collaboration and the project promotion! Thanks and good luck for us all again!

We are in a dire need of a wiki where you can find all the scattered information about steemit. That would be awesome and really useful.

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