We just created a SteemCasting DAO using Fantastic 12 — seeking eleven others! :)

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Is this not the coolest thing?

I’d love to see tron or steem do something like this, steem does have a similar thing but tbh unless you are “in the know” you probably have ZERO chance of getting any funding for any of your projects on steem, there is a culture of intellectualism over everything with steem that you learn when you stay around long enough, it’s pushed MANY people away from the platform over the years.

quicklink, we installed this over on our discord — https://discord.gg/ghghWhf — if you are a content creator or live streamer or are into all things twitch, YouTube, e-sports, you might want to get into this with us as we experiment a little ;)

So anyway, mardy pants aside. .. let’s check out this new coolness! The fact that I can tender for jobs on gitcoin.co was the missing link for me how to go about that, I can see myself using eth/dao things a lot more in the near future, I say the more blockchain crossovers the better — and this bad boy has multisig and a bunch of commands too! OMG.

so what’s it got?

Fantastic12 is a Minimum Viable Startup implementation on the Ethereum blockchain — Form a squad of up to 12 people — Start collaborating on bounties via Gitcoin.co and Bounties.network — Share the rewards.

Now, ok, this is interesting to me because it’s in the places where people are already, as much as I liked the setup and step through nature of Aragon my problem was always going to be how to get people interested enough to download the app and do a bit of learning — with this, it’s right there in discord and it’s relatively easy to understand.

steemcasting.dao is born! :)

So now it’s installed, what we gonna do with this?

Well first of all I think that this opens up the ability for me to fund projects that I want help with on steemcasting itself — coding, research, graphics, video and suchlike but also maybe we can tender as a content creation group on broader projects across all blockchains — I’m sure that every one of those blockchain communities has tasks they want doing! :)

Jump on in if you want to give it a shot! ;)


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