Thoughts from a @steemcasting perspective on all things Bittorrent, BTT, Utorrent & Justin Sun’s Tron Play Based on Current Output Content.

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I wanted to do a little video after hearing the news about tron purchasing steemit and all of it’s stake — obviously for a few days that was something that I was interested in watching to see how the witnesses would react to this news, what I’ve seen is quite a lot to process and I’m still undecided if it’s for the chains uptime for the majority or to maintain position of power for the minority and those that have large hodl steem bags — I think there are a lot of games at play and in motion on steem and well, I’m just not interested in any of it.

What I am interested in however is the way that Justin and his Tron Squad doing social media, marketing in general, how all the dapps I’ve come across seem to be some kind of gambling apps and not one of them looked like a social app that had any usage so in some ways that’s the no brainer of the deal here. I think he thought we would all just be submissive and take tronflakes as our cereal.

Some interesting things do pop out to me however about the current operation of the way TRON works, you can see for yourself on tronscan (bit like our steemd explorer on the steem blockchain in a way) when certain blocks have identifiers when things are happening on their chain.

It’s these acquires that are interesting to me because Justin always speaks in scale, he like to promote and keep the buzz going because he knows he’s being watched by his investors and he needs to show growth — he knows he can’t get video out as fast as he wants so he has a BEAR as a character in his videos on YouTube, also that YouTube channel is relatively small so his media skills are not really marketing on YouTube.

I see a company spread too thinly right now, I see a low budget marketing effort rather than the super polished one people talk about, it’s the old trick of appearing to be bigger than you actually are and from the perspective of the acquires what made me be alarmed is that there is a lot of love and chemistry that makes the chain what is is, you can’t buy something that was never up for sale like the open source part of an application. The chain itself.

But I really don’t think he’s interested in modification of that — if you look at the way that utorrent was snapped up, then changed and now is reflected in transactions it’s about making the numbers look good, sure you might have 100 million sessions of people using bittorrent (to download movies and copyrighted stuff on the majority) and that might already use up a percentage of the internet so to you and your investors that makes you assume that your controlling it but really, are those your ‘users’ that you can add to the mix? — are they bloggers? Nope, they are using that app to access content and then they dip and there are out — the only real thing you can do is to promote to them why they are there.

You can also say the same of the way that bittorrent as this download as been implemented, it’s a background application running in your tray that talks locally and uses your browser for searching. I have no doubt in my mind that Justin will (or has) tried to approach brave. He needs a browser to try and open this up completely but for now the tray bar app is the half way house.

BTT feels like a ‘user case’ for them to have their own tokens but what I do see forming here is a decentralised media company, the ability to do it all to have a portal where they can have incredible growth by bonding decentralised peer to peer technologies.

Imagine for a moment if tron suddenly rolled out a Mira style hosting node that was bolted into utorrent or that bittorrent tray app, so basically you were a steem node in the network, that you got pay in tron for your uptime, that you could pay for lanes of connectivity — like a slow, medium or fast lane.

The issue I’m having right now is seeing how it all fits together, I’m not even sure if they know, maybe tron needs steem more than steem needs tron, maybe the ‘advertising and marketing’ you think of it purely because of numbers, also the amount of people that are suddenly muted about the source of where the funds come from is staggering.

But I honestly don’t think he’s here to break things up, I think it’s a ‘peacocking fluffing’ of the decentralised feathers and if they could easily do the coin swap they would have done it and stepped through the motions of it already.

What’s even more interesting is how much people are not really talking about ned in this who’s walked away with we presume a good chunk of change in this transaction — remember that ned’s father is a banker, sure that’s gonna be relatively awkward to talk about selling to a Chinese company at the dinner table?

Regardless, I see something here but I just can’t visualise it yet — utorrent is a fantastic brand, known worldwide, bittorrent couldn’t really make it pay but that’s maybe because p2p was already ‘unclean’ before the technology could find a way to already be in society in devices, maybe the unlocking of 5g networks, super fast 10gb and faster fibre, completely covered planet with satellites and connectivity from elon is what is needed to go to the next level, maybe when it’s just there, on all the time, with us getting our power from fusion reactors for incredibly low costs will we see this peering technology take off.

I mean, who knows maybe he see’s himself as the main hero, he’s always holding some kind of disc/coin (Identity Discs) like in the original film in a lot of the stuff I see. …

Identity Discs (or Light Discs) are the most fundamental piece of equipment to programs in both the Game Grid and in the Tron system. They contain all that a program is, in the form of a detachable glowing disc normally worn on the upper back.

. …maybe it’s the way you make it harder to take out your crypto coin in the future, by having allegiances with as many crypto communities as possible, as long as everyone is getting their cut to be a node in the network.

I certainly most definitely see the potential however from a @steemcasting perspective to build a very fault tolerant, distributed live streaming platform that is powered by bittorrent technology, that can provide streaming capability by the thousands, millions of nodes around the world — servicing real time gambling live streams, the next generation of YouTube style content creator portals, all getting a slice of that BTT token.

If for nothing else, regardless of all my opinions about how it looks on the outside vs in the inside. I’m hugely interested to see how this pans out and what could be done here because steem is and probably will always be know as the largest decentralised social network in the world.


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