Announcing the winner of our Task Request.

in #steemcasino6 years ago (edited)

Firstly, I want to thank you all that participated and wish you luck! We are also launching our discord server.

SteemCasino's new logo

@podanrj has won our mini-contest where we choose our logo. Check his contribution here.

He has been paid with 100% of the SBD generated from that task request.

Other logos that we loved.

@ahmetherbay's unique entry -

@redmusic's entry -

@kvds's entry -

@ruel.cedeno's entry -


Good and intelligent post bro. I like it @nangteelover

Great choice! Well-deserved! I'm also happy to be part of runner-ups. Wish steemcasino will be a great success!

Thanks! If you want to be up to date with our project or to be among the first to use our site, be sure to check out our discord.

The final pick clearly deserved it. Wish you guys all the best and thanks for the highlight.

wow, thanks for bringing me out with you @andreistalker. I just saw this. if you need a little improvement on the logo, or need something else to make your branding. contact me, I can help without any reward.

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