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In a world where the most amount of money is made with drugs, weapons and alcohol 3 guys started it all from the streets of D-A-CH. It started rather small but they knew really quick that it's not enough. To get strong and to the top they need an army. So "THE Cartel" was born. It was just a mater of time when 3 became 10. 10 became 20. The army kept growing so does the name, "THE Cartel". Police was in fright, "If you can't fight them, join them." the chief police officer said, so it was settled. The way to the top is wide open for this bunch of wild individuals with a heart of gold and a quantum of Godfather. They make you an offer you can't refuse. So what are you waiting for? Be part of the mob. Be part of... "THE Cartel". For infos visit @steemcartel on

You can connect with us on Discord. Either on the official DrugWars Discord or our Cartel Discord which is accessible through clicking here:

THE Cartel is now in the top 25 drug producers in DrugWars. We are producing 194,000 Drugs A Day and Growing!

We now consist of 37 members all working collaboratively to produce & protect our business.

We are actively recruiting members who are joining DrugWars to become top players. Our group is positioning its self to be an unstopple force that will attack and protect with precision those that cross THE Cartel and all its members.

Currently the attacking feauture is turned off and all feels safe in the world of DrugWars, but we are not lulled to sleep by times of peace. Our units are at the ready!

If you are just starting out ask us how to join and start earning from your contribution to THE Cartel.

Weekly Transparency Report

The first payout was done several hours ago. There was a total payout of 8.890 STEEM which got split as follows:

Member-reward (70%):
6.223 STEEM split through all members of THE Cartel

Community-reward (30%);
2.667 STEEM for upgrading the Cartel account

@smooms created a script to semi automate the member rewards after the daily payout.


A total of 37 Members currently are in THE Cartel.

THE Cartel MemberSTEEM Amount Invested
37 Members270.000 Total

As we grow so do you. We hope that we become an even bigger community. With that said...

Ciao ragazzi e ragazze.

The "THE Cartel" Babas (@smooms, @louis88, @powerpaul)

Graphics were created by @ikarus56

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I want to join, but I've never used Discord!

Welcome! :)
Come on... Let's dominate the game.
We need YOU! ;)

Awesome progress we made today! THE Cartel - #1

Come and Join Us!
[THE Cartel]

(Honorable Clan Member and Image Author: @ikarus56 )

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Let's gooo

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nice to see the tempo of growing our cartel :)
soon we will own this world

join the family today....wish all of you the best