SteemBNB~ My Beautiful Home In Costa Rica For Steem!?!

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Come Stay In Dominical Costa Rica

I would be more than happy to rent my home to you for Steem, I also have a guest cabin, you can rent for even cheaper! So, If you like surfing and off the grid natural living. Lets try it out. Great for yoga, fresh water well, green house, solar, HIGH SPEED WIFI! Close to the beach easily accessible and very safe. I built my dream home, and now I need to go travel more too!

Thanks to @chicosonico & @saramiller for the great idea!

The office view


Master bedroom, all open air


Jacuzzi filled with fresh spring water?


Cutsom teak kitchen~ Great way to start the day.


Side view, nice hips house!


Even a little water fall on the property


Food in the green house to make fresh salads!


Pay only 15$SBD a night for the Guest cabin, and we can go surfing or waterfall hiking!


If you want to be a guest, We would love to have you, Even if we aren't here to meet you, our gardener and care taker would be more than happy to accommodate all your Steem needs! Couldnt ask for better guests than a Steemian travelling the world!

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TIjo @thearcanebear ~ Thank you for following along in our journey. We appreciate you!


Untitled 3.png


WOW!! Will save this information, thank you

Stunning! Terrific place. Coming to Costa Rica soon! Love the open spaces. Inalways prefer to work at a computer in open air. Inspirational. How would I arrange renting from you?

Oh, this would be awesome. I spent 10 weeks surfing Costa Rica and would love to go back some time.

Oh my God it looks amazing. I can't wait till more and more people put their places on steembnb, so I can create a Steem map and plan my world travels!

My wife @ddfoodandtravel and I would love to stay here and review your place here on Steemit, we are professional photographers too so the amazing pictures are guaranteed!

Whoa, you have an amazing place! Maybe someday!

Awesome, this is exciting!! May you be abundantly blessed with incredible guests. Your home looks phenomenal. I hope to see it in person one day and play in the waterfalls!

I hope so too! Come visit anytime, I will be headed to Thailand for work in Octoberish hopefully~ Keep me on the move, hoping the house doesnt sit empty the whole time I am gone, grrrrr hahah

No way that house is going to stay, can you arrange charter flights paid for in Steem?? Yes, there's a business opportunity out there for someone! This is how the Steem ecosystem will grow. Gonna do my best to get down there for a stay, maybe this winter....

for 15 per night that sounds like a bargain! even if it is in a guest house

We love entertaining guests so it makes sense to us!!

Oh!! yes!! I love it!!! Look @chicosonico! We can go to Costa Rica now!! Let's look for flights for next season!
And I love Yoga!! :)

Dominical is a beautiful place! I have visited a few times for envision festival and hope to come back sometime soon. If I make it down that way I will totally let you know!

Resteemed! I only need 7 more and I will be able to make a dream vacation reality! Such a wonderful concept and your home is absolutely gorgeous! I adore the views of the Master bedroom! Thank you for sharing this little slice of heaven! :-)

This looks incredible!

I love this idea!! If I ever come down to Costa Rica count me in!!

I like how the high speed wifi is the most important part.

What a dream house. Looks like the house on my vision board. Well done that you are so successful that you can consider that your second home. One day, one day...

Just 15$? this is so affordable i guess.

for the guest cabin! haha the whole home rents for 150$ USD a night in high season lol

What an amazing concept and wonderful place to stay!! I'm a surfer so would love to come over one day 👍
100% upped and resteemed 😉

Really lovely! I want to book! please follow me @rafaelpadilla

Sounds like exactly the kind of motivation for me to go to Costa Rica - heard the place is lovely - and get more active on Steemit, so I can actually afford this.

Who knows, I might combine it with some (documentary) filmmaking?
Cool stuff!

Looks amazing. So nice you have realised your dream house. I will resteem it to gain some extra exposure for you.

STEEMBNB. What a brilliant idea!!

great information @thearcanebear

Awesome!!!!! Will definately try your home when I am in the area. I love the design of you home, looks pretty sweet

Omg! I must come here soon! This is a must!!!! Only $15 a night! Wow! Thank you! thearcanebear

Your follower :), and i like your posts. i see you also vote up ? @ronaldmcatee

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