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RE: LUCKY PICK! July 20 2018 12:29PM DRAW! 1 STEEM Prize Pool + 5% of post Payout!!!

in #steembloggers4 years ago

I am sorry to write here but i tried by transfer 0.001 sbd but an automatic message return as invalid bid. But i need my message to be read and a reply. Pls see my message below;

Ooops! I send 10 Steem but just received around $1.4 upvote and dont receive any refund. This is the first time i am using your service. Is there anything i made wrong or dont know well about your service?


And now you decrease your vote value to $0.6

@tahirozgen I did not decrease the vote. There may have been other external issues that caused the error. I do not give refunds for delivered votes. However, I will make an exception in your case.

Thanks for your understanding. It will be good if you will write an explanation about your service at your profile. Thanks for refund. 🙏

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