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My wife wasn't able to exercise with her mom since she was trying to catch up on her work so that she could fax out, so when she finished, moms was through with her workout, so we decided to go to Menard's to walk around for 15 minutes, I see that my family is really determined to stick with this program my mother n law came up with, I promise my mother n law that if she went down 3 dress size that I would take her shopping and buy her an outfit for every day of the week, my wife said, what about me?, I told her that she'll get two weeks worth of clothes since she's working, and when she gets paid she can go buy her some more, my moms will be able to wear my wife clothes, so she's good to go because my wife got a closet full of clothes with the tag still on them, moms ok with that too. My brother n law @blockgators, him and his fiance and his oldest daughter is really into getting fit also, thank goodness I don't have a problem with my weight, they do have my support.


I love my favorite son n law. But wait until I get down to as far as I feel I can go and maintain.

very good posts. keep on being big sir

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