Dancing with my dog

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I adore this dog. Her name is Buddy and she loves to dance. This is my pasha, well it's not mine, but from my sister, but it doesn't matter, I act like he's mine, I play with him the most, but I also don't pay attention to him. I play with him whenever I want, but then when I play with him I have the best time.


Buddy, my friend, and I danced together to the beat of the music. I have to admit he is a great dancer and knows how to play to the beat of the music. Sometimes it seems like he's not playing and that's true, I like to torture him a little and I think he deserved it because one of my sweaters has already torn. I really hated him that day, but I got angry very quickly because no one can resist his sweet look.

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This was an unforgettable evening. I try to laugh and have fun every day and I would recommend you to do the same, because a day without laughter and fun is a lost day.



With love, Sarah❤️