How could a blog website created from your steem posts look like?

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I was asking myself how would it feel when all my steem posts would be bundled in a single website? After finding hexo, I was playing around with saving all posts in markdown files and creating a static blog from it.

You can find my results at

A tag cloud is included:

After experimenting with several themes, selected the cactus, as it is a simple and fast theme.

My sites are generated in 29 seconds:

All generated sites are static and I can upload them without needing a expensive server. I can now select a tag and view all posts that I have written.

E.g. shows all my posts with a rewarding tag:

What do you think about this?

Do you think this is somehow useful? Would you like to have something similar?

For me, this is a more convenient and faster way to take a look on my posts. I can also add information about me and other static sites.

There are some other hexo themes that I will try.

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If we could get a calender with posting days linked, that would be great.

Xanga had one.

Definetely helpful and I would love one of those

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i think it looks rad! nice work.

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Interesting. Been wanting to have this for my site for a while. The main thing I would love to learn is how to save all my past posts to individual files on my computer. You say you are saving yours to markdown files, is that a script or through the API?

I have a python script that does the job. I'm working on a github repository, in which I will put all the scripts. Would using a python script a possible solution for you?

That would be super helpful. I have been trying to cobble something together myself but I am not good enough yet to make it work right. Your repo will be a killer resource!

The main thing I would love to learn is how to save all my past posts to individual files on my computer.

Hey! @flemingfarm. Maybe to just save all your past posts to individual files on your computer, you may be interested to click here.

Once there in the website, simply write your steemit username in the space which says "Account" and click the "Fetch" button. Wait a few minutes until the full list deploys, scroll the list until the bottom, click again on the "Download" button... and Voila!! all your posts inside a .zip file in its way to your PC. :)

It worked but the creation dates don't seem to be attributed with the files. I have all 1104 of my posts now in .txt though but they are all in alphabetical order, not date. It did work that far though. Thanks.

It looks like holger's pulls the meta with the markdown?

It worked but the creation dates don't seem to be attributed with the files.

Uhm, weird. Last time I checked all the files inside the .zip were in chronological order according the date. Probably the developers have modified some attribute recently for the compilation of the compressed file to download.

Well, but at least you have a backup of 1104 of your posts in .txt format in your PC right now. ;)

And as for if you also want recover the original 'markdown' or HTML code of all those 1104 posts, I can help you out with that too. But that will cost you at least a generous tip in SBDs or Steem Hahahaha. };)

Just click here and introduce each one of the links of your posts that you want to recover in the format indicated in the website. Yeah, it might be a sluggish process one by one. But at least you'll have first the ones you like the most. And in a short time and little by little you could get all of them if you dedicate yourself to it.

Cheers!! :)

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i would like have some more ability to filter even my own blog based on payouts, comments, upvotes,views etc. It is useful

Have you added the code to you github repo yet?

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Nice :) steem is definitely a great platform to create blog websites. You may want to check

Just dummy comment to check downvoting capabilities of beempy, couldn't find a better place than under your post ;-)

Someone published a method to create an RSS out of your STEEM posts the other day. There are plenty of tools for taking a RSS feed and publishing it to a self-updating website. That seems easier.