SPT Pre-Sale Annoucement & Fun Way to Earn SPT! (4/29)

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Dear Steemians,

Welcome to SteemBet Gaming Platform. In this SteemBet weekly report we will update our project development, stats of game and activities of community. We publish articles on a weekly basis so our users could always stay up-to-date.

1. SPT Seed Round Sale has ended

SteemBet Seed Round SPT Token Sale commenced on April 22nd 16:00 and lasted till April 27th 16:00 UTC. In order to show appreciation to our early supporters, Seed round had given access to only 47 qualified participants and 21 of them invested during the sale. Overral, 2,026,400 SPT was sold, a little more than 50% of the 4M goal.

2. The first round of SPT dividends have been distributed

On April 28th 16:00 UTC, we have distributed 2817.76 STEEM dividends among all SPT holders. Note that team token is not unlocked yet and only Seed investors hold SPT tokens, so all dividends are returned to investor’s hands.

Besides, since many users ask about SBT vs SPT pool, we’d clarify them here. 30% of platform revenue goes to SPT dividend pool and 40% goes to SBT dividend pool, so the two pools will always keep a 3:4 ratio. Since through the first dividends distribution SPT pool has be drained, we will refill it before Pre-sale start, so here’s the next dividends distribution.

Time: May 14th 2019 16:00 UTC

Amount: Starting from 2817.17 STEEM, and grow with platform accumulative bet volume

To Whom: All SPT holders, including Seed and Presale investors, but not SteemBet team ( team token won’t unlock before all rounds of sale complete)

3. Pre-Sale Round is about to start

The Seed round runs very smooth. We’d like to give a warm thanks to all early investors and OG players namely @broncnutz, @donald.porter, @thomasgutierrez, @crypticat, @fullcoverbetting, @awesomegames007 and many others who have been supporting us from the start. According to our plan, SPT pre-sale round is going to start on May 3rd 16:00 UTC.
Time: May 3rd 16:00 - May 10th 16:00 UTC
SPT Amount: 12,000,000
Ratio: 50 SPT : 1 STEEM
Bonus: 30% extra SPT ( so in this round investor gets 65 SPT for every STEEM )

SPT Token Sale Timeline


SPT Token Sale Stages


4. Earn SPT NOW

People have been asking about the question whether they could earn SPT with a little work. So, the answer is YES! In addition to purchasing SPT directly, we are announcing two new fun ways for contributors to earn SPT. They are:

4.1 Affiliate Program

The first incentive is Affiliate Program through which you could refer a friend and get SPT reward for both of you. In order for you to easily lookup, we have broken down tiers and rewards in below table. The great thing about it is that we are tracking your friend’s investment in real time so reward token will be given to both of you immediately when investment is confirmed.
a) Invest Amount means STEEM or its equivalent you need to invest in order to start receiving referral reward.
b) During investment, you friend needs to fill in your Steem account as referrer on Steem-bet website.
c) Referral bonus will be given to both you and your friend immediately after his/her investment is confirmed.

4.2 5 x 1000 SPT Daily Reward

After hearing the feedback from our seed investors, we decided to launch a fun sweepstakes game with our dice game. Every day, for each 10 STEEM played in the dice game you will get a ticket. End of the day at 16:00 UTC, we will randomly pick 5 tickets and give their owners 1300 SPT each. We are adding a new section on Dice Page to show you the picked ticket numbers of each day. Wanna try your luck of the day? Play 10 STEEM on SteemBet!
Time: May 1st 16:00 - May 10th 16:00 UTC
Prize: 5 tickets for 1300 SPT each

5. SPT Dividends Payout Progress

To date SPT dividends progress has reached 74.26% of 30M SPT mining. We encourage players to place bets on SteemBet Dice game and push the bar! Once the bar has reached 100% we will distribute dividends payout among all SBT stakers the next day at 16:00 UTC. After the first payout, SBT dividends will be paid out daily.

Community Development

Invite your friend to our Discord server and earn SBT

Starting today, we will reward 150 SBT for every friend you refer to our Discord server. Please contact admin after you have successfully referred a friend.
Discord link:https://discord.gg/95cBN3W

Write post to introduce SteemBet and earn SBT

We welcome everyone to write posts about SteemBet and share with your friends. You can open your mind and write everything according to your idea.

Original article & amount of resteems ≥ 10, reward 10,000SBT.
Original article & amount of resteems ≥ 20, reward 20,000SBT.
Original article & amount of resteems ≥ 30, reward 40,000SBT.
Original article & amount of resteems ≥ 40, reward 60,000SBT.
Original article & amount of resteems ≥ 50, reward 100,000SBT.
Original article & amount of resteems ≥ 120, reward 660,000SBT.

Share SteemBet on social media and earn SBT

Share our future posts on social media or Whatsapp/WeChat/Telegram/Discord groups, take a screenshot and leave a comment under any of our posts. Every share will be rewarded 500 SBT.

To see the amount of resteems of your post, you will need to install the Partiko app (most popular Steem mobile app) using this link: https://partiko.app/referral/steem-bet

Development Updates

Added support for playing with SteemConnect. Now user can place a bet on mobile
Added affiliate program function for users to invite friends
Updated landing page to display accuate token sale information
Testing Roulette game extensively to get ready for launch

Community Data

There are 2 main community groups in SteemBet, Discord and Telegram.
Member count of Discord group is:247
Discord link:https://discord.gg/95cBN3W
Member count of Telegram group is:36
Telegram link:https://t.me/steembet

Game Data

● Number of bets this week:690
● Daily average trading volume:3593.258 STEEM, 185.579 SBD
● Number of active users:1290
● New users:179

SteemBet Official Website


SteemBet Official Discord server


SteemBet Official Telegram Group



For the record I am not an investor. Just a big player 😸 Thanks for all those winnings.

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Thank you too.

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Amazing program. it will be fun. Because we can earn SBTs without buying them we can get them freely by posting their content. in the steemit platform and in the other social media platform.
Good Luck @steem-bet

Thank you.

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Very interesting ,to bad i missed the pre-sale :(

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