How steem has finally helped my life - Submssion to @kingbee contest

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This post is in response to the challenge put up by @kingbee about steemit impact on various steemian since joining the blog blockchain site.


Having seen many steemian showcasing their value and worth of what the steemit community have contributed to their various human lives, I have decided to put up mins.
To me the journey began around August last year when a friend gave a call to me join a blogging site that rewards good content. With hesitation and doubting minds, it took me some days to respond to the call and now am glad and happy I did.


  • On the aspect of life communications as contributed by the blockchain, steemit didn't start but improve my communication skills. Been a very good speaker was part of my skills and with steemit and necessity to communicate with new individuals , the communication skills was drastically improved on.

Now I can take on groups and numerous number of people without the fear of facing the crowd.

[While delivering a speech at a min meet up in ogbomosho]

[During Ibadan steemit around February]

  • From been a non-finance earner except on occasions where funds were transferred to me by my parents to been someone that could cater for my basic needs for nearly a year now. Not only paying of bills but sponsoring myself in embarking some projects that have increased and improved my financial status.

Even writing my first degree project, most of the funds are been sponsored by the funds received inside this community.


  • Renowned author once remarked 'some people are so poor that the only thing they have is money'. That you have doesn't make you rich, that you don't have money does not make you poor. What determines whether you are rich or poor is your idea(s). If you hit a million today let's say from a lottery without a proper idea of what to use the money on, you will see yourself becoming poor and starting all over from the scratch again. But with ideas, even when you have little money or nothing at all, you can end up as a millionaire or a billionaire.

You never can imagine the variety of business idea running in my mind with the ones in my diary inclusive. My crypto-exchange business is going on well , all thanks to knowledge from Steemit and winning this contest will expand my business broadband because I will be using the proceedings to get a laptop for myself. This will definately enhance my speed and ease in trading and also my learning classes on graphics and web design.

![19e32d32-8395-4617-9312-4386db75de53.jpg]() Thanks to steemit that has given to me undiluted adjustment in all ways
  1. Adjustment as achievement
  2. Adjustment as process in assimilation and accommodation.

For this successful adjustment, myself as a person has been. resort to both the devices i.e. assimilation and accommodation which are the characteristics of a well adjusted Person. A healthy and well-adjusted person should possess some observable behavioural patterns.
These behavioural patterns must be according to the social expectations of an individual. Some of these patterns are as under:

Emotional balance

Maturity in thinking

Independence in decision making

Free from tension due to routine events

Warm and understanding towards others

Steemit has given me all

Thank you
I remain @olanrewaju
Am still on the verge of making the world a better place to live in.

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You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

Adjustment as process in assimilation and accomodation.
It should be accommodation instead of accomodation.

Thanks i will adjust now