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As I sit back to reflect on humanity and our traditional path to judgement; our quick assumptions and its consequence: Rash ones at that, I think humanity need to tread new steps and improve on the strides we take concerning decisions that would affect our neighbors, our personalities, our environment and everythings concerning us in general

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Don’t be quick to make conclusions based on assumptions or incomplete facts. It could earn you grave consequences.

Be patient enough to follow a process and have your judgment from a balanced perspective void of sentiments or mere experience.

Ensure to have first connected every dot before drawing your inference. Test as much water as possible.

Now, it is usual for people to be utterly deceived by first impression, but you’ve got to be wiser these days because folks now wear thicker masks, moreover there’s more to see than meet the eyes.

First lesson is for you when confronted with any kind of situation is to delay judgment until all concerned dots have been connected, and do not make major decisions just by first impression.

Another lesson is bothered of your approach of openness and skill of observation.
Take a instance, you were just sent a sensitive letter or article.
Do you read through the line or between them?
Do you just read what is written or do you dig dipper to understand what is meant?

Most times clues and secrets are not written on words but hidden between them.

With regards openness, don’t always approach a matter as though you can conclude the end from the beginning.

Irrespective of past experience, have an open mind towards newness, give benefit of doubt, avoid hasty generalization.

Every Yoruba stew is not peppery, every Fulani is not a herdsman, neither are all Fulani herdsmen killers.
Every Igbo dude is not greedy, not every family in Imo state demands incredible bride price, every discount is not scam, neither is everyone in Lagos island rich.

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No matter how much of this we preach, majority will always judge by first impressions and appearance. It’s the society we’ve created, but you can always play this to your advantage.

Though you can’t always engineer people’s opinion, but you can, through effective branding, control people’s perspective about you.

Branding is about perception, and many don’t always dig to the core to build their image of you; they don’t always give a second chance for you to create a first impression.

So be VERY intentional about your persona, presentation and appearance.


Verbal communication is said to account just 7% of your audience’s comprehension, so be very careful with your body language and public image.
Every move of your muscle has a thing to say about you.



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