Appreciation from members of steembees to Anomadsoul!

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The aim of life is appreciation; there is no sense in not appreciating things; and there is no sense in having more of them if you have less appreciation of them.

~Gilbert K. Chesterton~

It is said that to whom much is given, much is expected, we cannot deny the fact that indeed, we have been given much and it is of utmost importance that we render our gratitude and indebtedness in words....

As you read these words from different Steemians in steembees hive who have been blessed by your kindness, we hope that you accept our thanks as it is from the deepest parts of our hearts.

From @masterpiz

Hearts were created to pump blood
But some have added extra feats
To pump out loves for men as floods
Spreading cheers that cut across every beat

A normal soul would think it twice
To spend so much for strangers far
But a-nomad-soul would in no wise
Stop the love that raises all our bar

From @gwenflorida

Give a hoot outta our tapping pipe
Sing the cheers for good humans still
Though the distance cut our vibe
Our hearts will soar on grateful fills

Anomadsoul is one of the best thing that has happened to me as far as steemit is concerned.
A- Adorable
N- Noble
O- observant
M- Meek
A- Admirable
D- Daring and Desirable
S- Sacrificing
O- Oozes greatness
U- Undisputed
L- Loving.

I am proud to say I've been one amongst the numerous persons you've shown selfless love to in the Steembees community. When I dive in to see you upvoted my posts, joy run through my veins. Truly your kind is rare and I love your heart. Thank you so much for helping those who deserves to be helped and putting smiles on our faces.

Its your favourite love clinic doctor. I talk for a living.


From @jblsignature

Thank you...
for thinking of us
Thank you...
for doing what you do
instead of being too busy,
or just forgetting about it.
Thank you...
For inking steembees
on your priority to-do list,
when you have
so many other things to do;
We are honored;
It meant a lot to us.
You deserve a standing ovation.
We appreciate everything that you do.
Thank you for your hard work and dedication,
Our appreciation you have earned.
Thank you sir.

From @TheLoveJunkie

To know you are so committed to this cause, helping and putting smiles on our faces, empowering our pockets is such a commendable feat. You are not just a blessing, you are much more and we appreciate your kind heart. More Power to your elbow sir @anomadsoul.

From @ambdavid

The first time I got to know of this username on Steemit @Anomadsoul, it was on my introductory post. While many whales have nothing to do with newbies, minnows or starters, this awesome man encouraged me and associated with me. He was among the first people to encourage me on this platform.

There are days I make good quality posts without any reasonable upvote, he's usually the reason behind the 5$ upvotes on my posts.

Thank you @anomadsoul, enjoy the World Cup sir.


From @confidenceugochi

I want to use this opportunity to say a big THANK U for the help and support you have been rendering to us. We say we love you and we pray for more grace and power on your life.

From @dinah4sure

I want to sincerely appreciate what you have been doing for the steembees families, and especially me, I want to say a very big thank you you for upvote, I thank God for using you to touch my life, may you forever remain in God's blessing and may you continue to be a lights in people's live. Thank you very much.

From @illuminoprinz

Hello anomadsoul...i really appreciate your magical touches on our post from Steembees..your have one way or the other showed that there is still life and hope in Steemit despite the difficult times we having in the crypto world..rewarding our effort with support and love with Ur a beneficiary and i wnt lie to so happy.... REALLY happy that i look forward to every Sunday..thanks..

From @JulietIsrael

Hi Anomadsoul, I may not know you in person but you sure have been a blessing.
I appreciate the fact that you have been helpful to us as a community, even when we have no ability to pay back.
Thank you so much.

From @Stevenson7

If everyone has to be a wanderer have a generous heart as yours, then I'd gladly volunteer. Everyone use to say that words are not enough to express how they feel, then they write a few words. Well, I'd write how I feel sir. You are an amazing person. This is a note of appreciation from Stevenson7 a nobody from somewhere around the world to appreciate you and show you how much you have touched my life. "abeautifulsoul" that should be your Steemit name. You have given me hope when i had none, you have given me joy when I had none. The steembees community appreciates your kind gestures but Stevenson7 says thank you from the bottom of his heart to @anomadsoul. I'd call it a token of appreciation but in the crypto world we all know what token means and all I have would make no impact if I send them to you 😂. Appreciation goes to sir @ewuoso, the individual with a heart of gold......... Half of it is burnt 😂 and evil but the other is shining and wonderful. Even though he could be a prick sometimes😂 but he is an awesome individual, also to uncle @prechi who is awesome. A leader he is. Thank you.


From @bookoons

So many times I felt like quitting steemit, in fact, I did for almost two months, there wasn't any motivation to go on but then @kingbee started dropping posts for @anomadsoul. I can tell you emphatically, it's a breathe of fresh air, it's a total life saver. Now I feel like I really exist on the blockchain and I'm encouraged to do more.

Thank you @anomadsoul, thank you.

Thank you so much

People don't appreciate what they have until they lose it.

We do not take this act of yours for granted and that is why the entire community of Steembees are saying a BIG THANK YOU to you.
We may not be able to pay you back, but our words and our hearts speaks volumes.

From the entire Steembees community, we say that we love you.


Authored by @prechi, put together by @julietisrael


hey sir please saport me on steemit platform

A bigger thanks goes to @anomadsoul who out of his busy schedule finds out time to upvote QUALITY posts submitted by the admins thereby giving them the encouragement to go the extra mile. Sir/Ma, I don't know you and you dont know me but believe me when I say that am extremely grateful. I pray that you shall be highly rewarded as you put smiles on people's faces, endless smiles shall be kept on your face.
Ones again Sir/Ma
We all in the STEEMBEES HIVE say a big THANK YOU
@trojan4 says thank you


I'm not selling my Steem power for less than $100

Thanks to you Boss @Anomadsoul.. Steembees really appreciate, I really appreciate all your efforts and care.. You stand by us and we promise never for once let you down.

Anomadsoul has a ♥

Gracias anomadsoul..,you so awesome man... Godbless

For all that you are and more we appreciate you for being there for us. Thank you @anomadsoul

Beautiful post..great to see people out there with a Attitude of Gratitude.....that brings about personal growth and success.

Thank you sir words fail me o express my gratitude, and an unending thank you to sir @ewuoso and sir @prechi may the grass you guys stand on never dry may it always be green may you guys be like the tree planted by the river side

Thanks a million

Thanks so much for this guys! I wasn´t expecting this but you don´t have to thank me my friends, the best way to thank me is to keep engaging with other people, commenting, voting other people, encouraging community events, and to keep making the best content possible. Thank you for this, it is really heartwarming to read this.

We don't have to thank you but we choose to.
Sometimes, it is better to express gratitude for that which you're grateful for.
It not only shows that you're appreciative, it also goes to fulfill the law of showing appreciation for what you have.
An old friend used to say, appreciation is an application for more.
While I do not take it as trade by barter, I believe it is important we do that.
Not to worry,we'll keep interacting and up voting with the little power that we have.

Thanks so much @anomadsoul

Thank you @anomadsoul you have helped so many people through your good works. @julietIsrael said it all already! The Steembees family are grateful!

Thank you @anomadsoul for your selfless act. we are grateful.

Thank you boss @anomadsoul... More giant strides, God bless you

God bless @anomadsoul

You are a blessing to us sir
Keep soaring.

Thank you @anomadsoul you're a wonderful person.
I just joined the steembees community and I have being hearing nice things about you, keep doing good sir and I'm sure good things will follow you....

Hi @anomadsoul I am extremely grateful for your kindness and help you have been rendering to us. I can't stop smiling as I read the messages, you are a blessed Man.

he's always a class act....

gracias @anomadsoul .. words are not enough to express how i personally feel concerning your support to this team.. God bless you

Thank you very much @anomadsoul, keep up the goodwork, more giant strides, thanks for making us strong and firm with your support, we really appreciate.

Thank you anomadsoul
Thank you steembees
Thank you @ewuoso
Thank you Tony nduka
Thank you @amec sir
Thank you uncle @prechi
Thank you @julie
Thank you @kodeblacc bro
Thank you @sunny bro
Thank you @kweenkruzy
Thank you @ONOS MOD

Y'all are Fam 🤗

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