4th Steembay Edition - Auction for all legendary card's! 🐎

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What am I offering?Β 

you see the card above.. I am selling my all Legendaries Card's . Let's the bid start at 320 With an offer of 350 you can get the card immediately.

List of card's :

[Elemental Pack]

Angel of light 2Γ—

Frost Giant 2Γ—

[Dragon Pack]

Chromatic Dragon 2Γ—

Lighning Β dragon 1Γ—

Gold dragon 1Γ—

[Summoner Pack]

Selenia sky 5Γ—

How to bid?

Just enter "bid x" (where x is the amount in SBD you offer) in reply to this post.

The first one to comment "bid 350" (or above) has hit the "buy it now" price and will receive the card. Otherwise the highest bid within the next 6 days wins (minimum bid is 320).

*Notes: you can also buy each pack not have to buy it all if you don't want, but maybe that will be different than buy it's all. send a message to me in steem monsters discord!


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Hi, I'm new to this platform. God bless your work and keep growing physically and mentally, I hope you go through my blog and follow me @carlosdap11 I follow you too

Kabantu resteem atra lon saboh sama awak nisam tayoe.

Anyone, you can make a deal in discord with me.. this auction taking manual from now on. Sorry.

The #steembay Auction has finished without a bid...