Steembay Auction -- handmade leather belt by Armadilloman

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Up for auction from the Armadillo Leather Shop...


This is the belt I made recently and showed the process in this how-to post.

1 1/2" Wide belt hand made, embossed and colored on top grain cowhide by Armadilloman. This is my own original design using a natural object (in this case a rotting stump) to texture and emboss leather.. You won't find it anywhere else (unless someone copies me!...or random chance in the universe that we did the same thing.


Win the auction and I will cut the pictured belt to size 30" - 46" and add a buckle and snaps and ship it out to you.

Remember, your belt size isn't necessarily the same as your waist size. Your belt size is usually at least an inch bigger then your jeans size, depending on how low you wear your jeans. Best bet is to measure the leather part of an old belt from the point where the buckle attaches to the most used hole .


Why sell Steem for shrinking USD when you can spend your Steem on real world craftsmanship for less?

I sell these belts on Etsy for $55 - 70 USD on depending on size. See the ArmadilloLeather shop to purchase a custom belt and many other items with USD . If you are lucky maybe you will pick this belt up for a bargain Steem price today!

Shipping to US addresses will be $7.40 equivalent in Steem or SBD. International shipping will be $20 equivalent in Steem or SBD. Auction will end in 7 days and bid amount plus shipping will be payable at that time. International buyers will be responsible for customs duties should any apply.

Questions? Ask away...


Interesting info about the belt size. They never fit me same with trousers/jeans unless I sit still. Legs too long.

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Start: 90.000 STEEM

Auction closed at 2019-04-28 15:57:00 GMT
No bid

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Start: 90.000 STEEM

Auction closed at 2019-04-28 15:57:00 GMT
No bid

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What a beautiful work!

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