Steem Basic Income Giveaway - No follow/upvote/resteem!

in #steembasicincome2 years ago

I am giving away 2 Steem Basic Income shares, which will get you:



The only rule is to comment below your FAVORITE ICE CREAM FLAVOR!

In 1 week I will randomly pick a comment with, and send them a Steem Basic Income Share.

Upvotes will be appreciated to fund more giveaways!

GooD LucK!


I’m more than willing to sponsor you a share of SBI if I happened to be the winner :)

I like a mix of flavors and colors. Strawberry, blueberry, orange flavors.

I love vanilla :) so diverse, but best with hardening chocolate all over it, or mixed with raspberry fizzy drinks for a float! Mmm.

I love real vanilla flavour

Heavenly Hash ... Delicious !

Lemon FTW!!!

Strawbery is the best, trust me. That's my favourite.


Mint choc chip Ice cream is obviously the superior flavour ;)

I'd say strawberry :D

Strawberry is amazing

blueberry & mango duet

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