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RE: Steem Basic Income - Frequently Asked Questions

Please don't expect the reward pool to be used for providing income in a reliable manner. Buying steem for the sole purpose or earning its share of the reward pool is a bad idea.

Steem accounts can by no mean be linked to unique individuals and steem stakeholder may not agree that just being a human being is a sufficient contribution deserving of any reward. I certainly don't.


can you explain more about that? im very interested in why you dont agree with the basic income, im not saying that is bad, i only want to know more your opinion

Since you have the technical understanding to grasp the mechanics of our program, can we please discuss your concerns (either in discord or, whichever you prefer) before you downvote our program any further?

It's structured a little differently, but the actual mechanics are very similar to what @qurator has done (especially after their recent tier changes).

Keep in mind our members are manually reviewed and monitored to make sure the quality stay up. We do not view ourself as a income system but more of a support system to those who take the effort to post quality content. Community support. Featuring authors and providing support for all our members in Discord.

Not saying that Transisto is right/wrong, just saying our projects are quite different.

We recognize that the underlying philosophy is different, the comparison was more around the mechanics of the program. I really appreciate what you guys do.

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