SteemBasicIncome Share Giveaway - Contest #9


Daily SteemBasicIncome Share Giveaway

Hello everyone, we are @steemexplorers, a new account that will be aimed at sharing ideas on Steemit and helping others find resources and services to help grow their Steemit accounts or experience on this platform.

We are sponsored by @jonnyla08 who many of you likely already know through the SteemBasicIncome community.

In order to help get out own account up and running, we are going to begin a series or SteemBasicIncome Share Giveaway which we plan to hold once every two days. After the 7 day payout period we will post the winners of the drawing and send in your share.

Rules for Giveaway

1.) Follow us on Steemit (Required to be eligible for the giveaway).

2.) Upvote this post.

3.) Resteems are not required but will be extremely helpful for us in our growth and again with regard to our ability to give back to the community. So please Resteem this post if you are willing and able to.

That's it! It's a pretty easy giveaway to enter and we'll both grow in the process.

Thank you again to our sponsor @jonnyla08 for making this new journey a possibility and we hope to connect with as many of you as possible.

We appreciate your time in reading our post.



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@steemexplorers, I gave you a vote!
If you follow me, I will also follow you in return!
Enjoy some !popcorn courtesy of @nextgencrypto!


No one cares about your processed popcorn. We want the natural stuff and we want it now! Boo, Monsanto Corn!

i just entered

Nice an easy giveaway ... thanks !

I think accounts who only aim to get people's upvote by promising to share steem with them are not helping the community to grow in the right way.


This isn't sharing steem, it's sharing an investment into your account by obtaining shares of SteemBasicIncome that help you gain Upvotes for life. It's beneficial to all parties involved.

Thank you for the share of SBI.


Sure thing @wonderwop. Thanks for participating. We're going to have these giveaways often (hopefully) so long as we can sustain them so stay tuned for more chances to win more shares! 😄


Will do. Love me some SBI. 💕