Steembasicincome Haiku contest v.1 - make @haikubot come for SBI

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Hello! Do you want to win a share of @steembasicincome?

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 8.16.30 pm.png
Original photo of my from the beautiful South Pacific in New Zealand.

Here is how:

  1. upvote this post
  2. write an awesome haiku in classic 5-7-5 format.
  3. try to get @haikubot to come visit!

Best two haiku get SBI (@steembasicincome).

Yes, I used #steemstem because this one is for the geeks out there!

Here is my try:

Waking, sleeping, work, endless cycle onwards so, haiku brings a break.

Looking forward to your comments.

Copyright @snowyknight.
#steembasicincome #haiku


Sometimes at night I eat and drink and go to sleep, then I dream till dawn.

I think I've got this.
Who can tell us how to get the bot to come here?

That is a bloody great question.

There are some amazing post here, but yet, sadly, our great dear friend not.

Oh where, oh where are you?

Sometimes I wait long, waiting is part of the patience, time for praying?


Waiting on robot interestingly human poem brings nothing.

Both really good tries, snowyknight is writing poems hoping for the bot.

The numbers work out, but the algorithm does not! Maybe we need @haikubot_beta

It is all I see. among the forest of trees, monkey see monkey.

I just found this link:

Just paste a set of words and it will tell you how many syllables in a sentence. This sentence I just typed had 21.

PS. That is a great haiku @bashadow!

"It is all I see. among the forest of trees, monkey see monkey."

Long live the Haiku!

There once was a man from dublin,
who had a thing for lovins.
he once went to far,
is now without car,
because of his loving in Dublin.

Limericks deserve a mention too, and a bot.

Agreed that a limerick bot needs to be designed... soon too! Thanks for stopping by!

I give up on this, or maybe I am playing coy and setting snares.

But win you shall, and win you did. What comes next? Beyond the great unknown.

A great way to make some Steem!
Please, I want to win.

Without a doubt this is in the top five ones I have seen epic go.

Haiku bot ignores.
But now OP congrats me.
So I am thankful.

pleased by all around, the future holds us at bay, waiting for a change.

Thanks for having this fun contest. Your haiku gave me a break. : )
Here is mine:
Mountainous rocks speak
when low tide takes the sea back.
Creatures will return.

And this might bring the bot:
Only a sentence is needed with five seven five syllable count.

You are most welcome, it is nothing really thanks, let us wait and see.

I waited and no, the bot has not come to us. What did we do wrong?

Waiting waiting for sadness, our friend will not come here. What is wrong now?

How do you get the haiku you do ☯
How do you offer the steembasicincome you do
Questions many questions for the haiku that you do

Yacking about haiku with 🎶 @snowyknight is alright by me!

Come by here today, drop some poetry and play, mirth photos and words...

New Zealand's the place to go, land of mountains and valleys so low

Small islands at sea, the land of the long white cloud, kiwi, kea, fly!

#newzealand #teamnz

There once was a bot, lurking out within the web, waiting for haiku.

haiku me, haiku you, let's have a haiku for two!

Summon haikubot
See if it counts syllables
In its name are three

Amazing words here, nevertheless, still nothing, waiting for the start.

i guess it doesn't
count its name correctly, huh?
It just sees nonsense

Thinking in the code, binary feelings, cool thoughts, poetry warmth lost?

Where is the silly?
Come little silly thing, come!
Why are you hiding?

I agree, come thee, over here to sing with cheer waiting under stars.

Haiku Bot come.
I want to win this contest.

Maybe the bot is sick and needs some flowers patience rewards all?

Unknowable words trigger the ineffable. I utter, it comes.

And yet here waiting for what may come with light, do bots sleep as well?

Calling in some friends to join in the fun in the sun ☀
@whatisnew @bashadow @melinda010100
Some poem fun for you and you and you!

Yes of course! Everyone welcome! Bring out the haiku lovers from everywhere!


Haiku Bot come. I want to win this contest. Steembasicincome.

PS. I like the dual versions in "prose" and haiku format!!!

small update!

@haikubot news!!!!!!!!

Check this out @bashadow, @abitcoinskeptic, @shasta, @steembasicincome, @thundercondor, @
improv, @effofex, @alom8, @whatisnew, @rentmoney.

They did reply, but not here :(

On another post of mine from today

Screen Shot.png.

So no success here, but wonderful #poetry and #haiku! Thanks for your contributions!

Thank you @snowyknight! 💕

Snowy knight king, of the north leads the yaks, out of the wilderness, more yaking!

PS. you can't always get what you want. If we want them to come, they never will.

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