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RE: Steem Basic Income - Frequently Asked Questions

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yea .. i has a question btw, can i enroll someone who's most likely already enrolled, i did some digging and i think i know who did so i'd like to pay the favour back but if i do, does the guy get an extra share or does it make no difference, id like to check that first with you if you dont mind

i'll probably have lots of questions later as this steemthing rolls along and gains momentum

#borderlessnation ... or as you call it ... i see, yours is probably less confused with the religious claim


Yes, you can buy shares for people already in the program.

thats very good to hear !!!

As @tcpolymath said, you can sponsor people already in the program. Their shares will increase.

well, if you get to the question about me and my bot ... otherwise i wont do me and my bot ...

We try to catch up on all questions and comments at least once per day; a little more frequently on the weekends.

me too ... sounds like a fulltime job you got there lol, i hope i can get to the same. Actually another things but no rush ofcourse. Say i have now been enlisted with @ubasti , if one of your pools votes on it do you use the sb , no that's not what i was going to ask since you can use the sbd for steem on the exchange. What i WAS gonna ask (sorry) is , since i have this 10% pledge where i would enroll someone for every ten steem (/power) i get (so if i get to 20sp then the next 1 steem goes to an enrollment in @steembasicincome for someone who voted frequently or participated in @ubasti case)

the question euh actually was is there a point if keep your pools like sbi4 in the list because i would do random. So if i get 20 steem power with @ubasti and then enough spare sbd to exchange for 1 steem, and i roll my virtual dice AND it turns out to be sbi4 (or whatever bot is on that account) is there a point to me sending the 1 steem to @steembasicincome to enlist the bot (sbi_X) ?
otherwise i'll scrap it from the list ofcourse and just keep it in for the sbd re-distro on checkout time

am i making sense here , i know i can be hard to follow sometimes because i'm all over the place emojipanic.jpg

I think I understand what you're saying. And there is no point to enrolling @sbi4 for shares in @steembasicincome. Each of the pools upvote @steembasicincome's posts, but otherwise we try to use all the voting power from all the pools to distribute to the members in accordance with our distribution protocols.

so (sorry for the incessant questioning) in case of a distrobot like what i want @ubasti to be primarily other than an extra vote pool for @rudyardcatling, assuming its @sbi4 voting once a day on the one post per day, the SBD distribution seven days later is best sent to @steembasicincome if i understand correctly ?
thats saves you the trouble of having to slush it yourself one account further (slush is maybe a bad word in 2018 , you know what i mean, right ?) unless it's automated

i never wrote a bot in my life but i dont think it can be that hard once i get the method calls in a list, i could push in an option to msg something like reply with @sbi4 #unsub# and it quits getting payments or stuff like that, or automated @sbi4 passto @something , i'm still cracking my rusty head over it

seems interesting enough to get up and running though

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