Dogecoin tips/donations - will result in a Gift of a music album

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Still, with a discount from 13 euros to 9 euros ( soon will go to the Moon like the btc ... maybe near to 70000 $ the price of our album) so take advantage NOW!!! :-) Not joking ...

Tips/donations via dogecoin wallet for the sake of Art: D7Z4pcuewe7vqVYEd6NJtvo6TFHpk5eNC7

Who will donate more than 1350 dogecoins and leave an e-mail adress in the comment section of this short blog will receive our album as a Gift and i'll provide via their e-mail adresses left in the comment section, the code for downloading procedure of the album.


PS: I'm used with the ignorance from the people nowadays ... even if i'm still asking why ... Everyone pretends that are investing in Art/Music ... but most of the time ... or 99% ... they don't ... sorry for the inconvinience.