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Space, the final frontier. And a message to boldly go where no message has gone before.

It is always an awe inspiring, slightly creepy feeling that one day this Golden Record from the Voyager probes may be everything that is left from humanity.

Chairman for the committee responsible for the record was Carl Sagan, who also wrote this humbling speech (video made with pictures from one of the Voyagers):

My question to you is:

If you would have been a member of this committee and responsible for selecting three things to send out into space, which three things would you have chosen? (You can ignore space and weight problems, in other words: What are the three things most important for aliens to know about humanity?)

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As suggested, I will ignore the technicalities. I would have sent into deep space a mechanical clock, Bach's Toccata and Fugue, and Donald Trump. The aliens will understand a lot about humanity and also, we get rid of the guy.


Don't you think they could interpret it as a declaration of war, sending a Weapon of Mass Ignorance?

I would send a phone, a computer and a dollar bill.


To tell them: "Come, you can get all this for a dollar"? :D

I suppose I'm a bit literal minded so the first thing I would send are mummified corpses of a woman and man. (so they could study the physical aspects of humans)

The second thing would be audio and video recordings of humans speaking as much of and as many human languages as could be included onto some kind of video/audio player and storage medium. (which would also serve as way to show our technology creation abilities)

The third thing I would send would be frozen or preserved examples of the kinds of foods that humans eat.

My opinion is that language/technology, how our bodies have evolved, and the kind/styles of food that we eat are the most unique aspects of being humans.

Thanks for this interesting question. :)

A banana + led lamp + my mother in law 😋


I am not sure if I should try to interpret that...

I would send a
Antminer s9
solar panels
and wires/cables
free BTC mining using the suns energy


I guess they would have troubles connecting to the network, with lightyears of ping.

I will choose a dog, chimpanzee and a penguin to send

My first choice would be some Lego, un-assembled in a bag.
I would then choose to send a star map if where Earth is.
Finally a diagram showing how to make a human figure from the Lego.
It would tell us a lot if the aliens either sent back the human Lego figure, or a model representing themselves.


And what would it tell us?


It would tell us they didnt accidentally stand on a Lego brick barefoot, and interpret it as a primative act of war ;)

Seriously though, if they build the human figure it would show if they understood our basic concepts/instructions, but not necessarily that is how we look. If they built a figure in their own image it would show they understood the instructions was how to build our form, and that they wanted to communicate with us by sending back a model of their own form.

Ugh this is actually tougher then I thought it would be, how to represent all humankind without putting your likes first.

I'd send up a copy of Mona Lisa so they can appreciate the art we made.
The world as I see it by -Albert Einstine so they could see the intelligence we had
And the last thing would be a cd of songs from around the world so they could hear us


All questions I have used for the share giveaway hard as easy and hard as you "want" to make it. I really hope more people thought a bit deeper! That was the main goal after all.


The question wasn't hard, at least from my prospective it was looking at how to explain all of humanity with three simple items. And I'll admit it did make me think long and hard how to answer the question

This is a really difficult decision. I would use a small microcontroller. No, even better an MP3 player with lots of music. Also a plane and some seeds for the third object. But I'm not quite sure what they should do with it.


Third object?


Sorry I mean as the 🙈

I think aliens should know about our bloody history, technologies and get some seeds of each plant on earth.


Each plant? We don't even have that ourselfes ;)

I will send a Tesla car, some books about humans and a fruit


Which fruit and why?

It's an interesting question!

Any visual-related presentation that depends on color is sort of out of the question (because the color spectrum visible to humans may be imperceptible to another species, let alone a non-carbon based life form). Same thing with sound. How do we know that the range of sound waves audible to humans is meaningful to the forms of life that receive this package? On the other hand, these specific ranges of light and sound waves tells something essential about how (many) humans perceive reality.

The same goes for our experience of time, and how we perceive time and motion. So I'd propose the following three items:

  • A photo book of the Earth, including images of nature, humanity, our cities, cultures and food, printed in black and white.
  • The same photo book, printed in color.
  • The same photo book, as video clips on a tablet, with sound.

And if we can send more than three objects, I'd also suggest sending the Fibonacci sequence, etched in metal in both binary and base 10, with an image of human hands.


THe wave thing was one of the problems that original probe makers had also. But as you said, it tells about us.

  1. I would send a computer with information about the history of Earth and humanity. It would have to be in pictures, sounds and writings.

  2. A compass. It's a great invention that has revolutionized exploring and it would point to, a strong enough nearby magnetic force.

  3. A sample I'm not sure of what, maybe a rock or a bone

Three things to let Aliens know about humanity

  1. A cross - Understand that human religion does give hope and faith. With these hope and faith, many humans accomplished beyond possibility.
  2. Food - Humans have a thing about the things they eat with so many different delicious and ways to cook. There are many cultures that can be shared through food.
  3. Photographs - Family photographs, photographs of friends and many others to show that humans have strong relationship and the need of socialisation. We can be a friendly creature and we are willing to make friends.

By the way, I am your new follower from Singapore! Thanks for organising this!


Greetings to Singapore!

Why a cross?

The cross alone is not interpretable as a religious symbol. Also there are many other erligions, so why that one?


The cross can be just a symbol of how Jesus who became a human sacrifice for others so human can have hope for salvation. Cross is a good sample of how religions of human being can be. Most religions do emphasize on unconditional love for others and helping others unconditionally. We can't be taking all religion to show alien since there are only 3 things to bring.

Three things I will send out:

i will send those things:

  1. computer with some data about Plant earth and the animals,people and countrys that we have here
  2. a way to communicate with us (dont know how but we will find a way!)
  3. a letter that shows that we come in peace and wants to meet them !

Isn't it strange that Aliens, when they come to our world in our films, never come in peace?


Well the movie producers wants to make money from the movie and a movie about how we live peacefully with aliens and have fun with them doesn't seem like something profitable to me 😅
Will you prefer romantic movie of alien and a girl that fall in love or badass fighting movie with spaceships and effects that costs too much?

I would first inform them of our genotype with a DNA sample.
I would inform them about our technology & Preferences by sending a AI robot to mimic my self , and sing Beatles :) so they can learn our language and prepare adequate gifts for me, since they might think that I am super important hehe
I would tell them where to look for humanity, a map to the milky way with our sun marked.

A photo of how humans look like, a precious metal and a bottle of water


Why bottle of water?


Most important stuff on earth?

I will send out copies of funny movies, books about love, podcast of human history. The first two tells about the important characteristics of humans: funny and loveable


And the third how often we forget that?

That’s a fun question to think about. I guess I’d send a picture of Earth to say that’s where the rocket (and us) comes from, a simulated history of the Earth and our species as we know it (on a chip of some kind with a reading device), and our DNA (maybe).