Contest giving away 2 or more steem basic income shares (simple contest)

in steembasicincome •  10 months ago

 Starting a simple contest to get some information from you guys all you have to do to enter is simply

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  • Comment down below what you could purchase with 10 Steem and what country you live in

    I will select 2 or more winners and buy them a share in @steembasicincome Good luck and looking forward to reading the comments


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    By 10 Steem i can buy 100 utensil which can hold water and grains stored for birds in this hot summer
    Iam from India

    I am currently living in Canada. With that I would buy 10 shares of SBI, and spread them among my SteemMates

    With 10 STEEM I would buy a bag of organic, non-GMO, high protein cat food from a local owner operated business to keep my fur shiney and smooth, I reside in Canada 😺

    with 10 (steem) I would buy 8 chickens venezuela :c


    Sounds funny, but my feeling tells me that this is more tragic than funny. I hope you (and also @lissette) come along well despite the situation in Venezuela..

    I would buy medicines for my mom and dad, I live in Venezuela

    I live in the U.S. and with 10 Steem I could buy about 2-55 pound bags of dog food. I have four dogs, 2 are my granddogs, 1 is a rescue and then I have my little red headed boy. cha cali and og.jpg
    ChaCha is on the left and he is my rescue, Cali, my granddog in the middle & OG my sweet boy
    Dusty is my other granddog!

    I love my puppy dogs and I am very grateful to be able to afford to take care of them. I don't know what I would do without them. :)

    With 10 Steem I would buy the football shoes for the team I manage (It is a street kids team here in Venezuela)...

    It would be of great help because here in Venezuela with few dollars you can do many things like buying food for about 3 weeks or solving needs that my medical career requires, as you know it is a career that has many costs. Greetings from Venezuela.

    Steem power

    It may seem unreal but I would buy toothpaste, bath soap, toilet paper, medications for my dad's epilepsy and food for my dogs. I live in Venezuela.

    Here you can see my dogs.

    I would keep powering up, hoping to blog full time someday. I am from the USA. Thanks for doing this!

    I am from Nigeria. I'll more money to the 10 Steem to support a friend in paying part of her school bills since the deadline for payment is May 15. I believe that it will go a long way in helping her register for the new semester in time.

    with 10 Steem I could pay my internet bill. I am in the USA

    WOW GREAT CONTEST! First things first thank you for this awesome contests and good luck to everyone

    With 10 steem I could use it to celebrate my parent's upcoming 51th anniversary!! I would treat them out and could setup a family party for them and I am also from the Philippines

    I could buy a forza horizon Xbox 1 game CD for my younger brother.
    I'm from India.

    Great Promotion -- Good luck to everyone who enters !
    I look forward to reading the replies.

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    the goal is to see how far steem can go in ones country what could you buy around town


    Sorry .. I completely misread your post. I will edit my first reply.

    Well I already fulfilled one of my goals in Steemit, was to buy a simple camera to take good pictures. Now I save to buy a better one and pay my tuition.

    Hello, I am from bangladesh. i don't know how to explain my feelings. i am new on steemit. if i have 10steem i don't purchase anything now. just invest in my posts and increase my steem doller, power anything about steemit. because i want to earn more and more money and gift to my father and mother.

    10 Steem would be more or less 2000 philippine peso. Here in our country Philippines, you can buy a sack (50kgs) of rice with that amount. That would be a month supply for a family of 2 to 3 children.

    My name is oladele olayiwola from nigeria. What will i use 10steem to buy, when i will use it to get some textbooks for my education, ao that i would have a good grade in schools

    I am from India and I will buy mobile accessories like a memory card for my dad. I have gifted him a phone and he suddenly turned into smartphone photographer and clicking many pictures :D

    That would be about $40 USD.

    • I just pulled up the Walmart weekly ad and choose the first item on sale...
      • Angus Strip Steak $9.97/pound.
        • So 40 Steem would buy 4 pounds of Angus strip steak on sale at Walmart.

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    At this point, with 10 Steem I will us it to power up so I can have a higher voting power and in that case I can help others by voting good and quality contents. It may not help that much but at least in a way I can distribute the steem and help others. I am from the Philippines and not only will this help fellow Filipinos but other nationalities as well.

    I would buy 10 SBIs of course. it will also help another friend for 10 SBI shares

    I could buy 10 shares of @steembasicincome.

    • But I think would donate it to @mhm-philippines a missionary in the Philippines so he could purchase Bibles for the locals who attend his crusades. A bit of info about that in this post of his

    I live in Indonesia with 10 Steem,I could buy A bottle of original parfume.

    I'm simply gonna power up

    I surely will buy 50 meals for needy... I am from India

    I live in Nigeria. 10 Steem is currently between $35-$45. I'll simply trade it for EOS, watch it rise and then convert it to fiat. I'll use the fiat to get my sister a birthday gift. Her birthday comes up next month

    I live in Florida, United States. Given the current Steem-US$ ratio and the fact that we are heading towards summer, I would eat ice cream every day for an entire month and each day I would invite a different friend of mine to join me and tell that person about how fun Steemit is.

    (not every day coconut, but I'd probably start with that)

    Thank you for this contest.
    I come from Switzerland and with 10 Steem I would power up so that my upvotes to nice posts like that have more value😉

    i live in Egypt...with 10 steem i can do a lot of things ...first I will support my project which is in the name of "help other" to reach a lot of people who deserve help... Then I'll pay all my winnings to people who have the same problems that I suffer from... I always say the pain of the problem will only be felt by those who fought their experience.

    10 STEEM would go a long way in helping me get my son a bike for his birthday. He'll be 8 this July. I live in the US.

    Hello! I'm Joy from Nigeria, @djoi on here.

    The current price of Steem is about 1,300 NGN, so with 10 of that, I'll get the seed money to get a generator.

    Every writer knows that inspiration comes at its own time and place, but in a country with erratic power supply and with a laptop with weak battery, the timing of the inspiration may become a pain instead of a pleasure.

    I'll get a generator with 10 steem, so I can be more productive as a writer.

    Wow!!This is a great contest @jordan1219444 . I am from the Philippines.For me, as a student, 10 steem can already add up to my tuition fee for the coming school year. And as a newbie in this community, I can also use it to power up and help my fellow newbies who are also starting and is still in the process of making an identity here in this platform. In any way that can help, I can either use half of it for a good cause. Thank you very much!!

    Hi @jordan1219444,great contest it is!!! I am from the Philippines. 10 steem is already big for me, I can use it to power up and help other steemians or I can also share it with someone who could use a little help in this platform. So basically, it's always nice to share it with others whom you think also needs it.

    Hello @jordan1219444 , i am from the Philippines.,
    as a newbie in this platform 10 steem is already big for me, i can use this to help other steemians by upvoting them and can share it to my fellow steemians who are in need.. thank you very much.. God bless you..

    10 steem would amount to about 2000Philippine Peso. That would be enough to buy school supplies for my little one and have a decent meal to treat the family. I am from the Philippines, by the way.

    Thanks for this chance. crossing my fingers, praying I will win ^_^

    With 10 Steems, You can buy/pay/subscribe to a faster internet here in the Philippines. Hope I can win so I can pay my bill lol hahaha

    I live in the Philippines, with 10 Steem, I would add it up on my savings to purchase a manual wheelchair for my 81 yrs. old Dad