[closed] Anyone want to get sponsored for Steem Basic Income for 1 STEEM?

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Recently @retinox sponsored me for Steem Basic Income (read about SBI here), and as they say, one good turn deserves another.

If you'd like to be sponsored for 1 STEEM then please let me know in the comments. No particular criteria, I'll pick at my discretion, I have 3 STEEM to go around so I'll pick three people. I would be cool if you could resteem this post also but that's up to you.

Update, 3 people chosen


Thanks to all the commenters, I didn't think I would get so much interest! I chose three people but honestly I wish I could choose more.

  1. @goldenoakfarm because I'm also very interested in homesteading, off the grid life and related things
  2. @stav-cohen because I am trying to get fit too and I see we're on the same journey, though you're much further along
  3. @inspiredgideon1 because you are doing really good work and it's interesting to see and support that

Hopefully some of you would like to follow me too, it's cool getting to know you all and thanks again.

2nd update

I added [closed] to the title, sorry I have made some choices already.

I will do this again next week so keep an eye on my profile to see the message


I would like to be sponsored :)

I would like to be a recipient please.

I joined Steemit so I could share my experiences and what I had learned over the years homesteading. I try hard to put up quality posts every day. This award of Basic Income would help me a lot.

Thank you! This is so appreciated!. Glad I sparked your interest. :))


i would love to join the contest!
i really hope one day my fitness journey will get to more people than today...

That's nice. Why I think you should pick me.

I am a student, am good at inspirational writing and this is my source of feeding myself in school. So picking me will help increase my earning and also I and few others started a charity group to help the needy, which you might be interested to see @steemminna.

Thank you for the opportunity.

I followed you even though it is closed and I look forward to getting to participate in the future. I am new at contests, but is seems really fun.

I think a share will help me on my daily steemit activity

Wow, thanks for being generous... I will try to join your contest but I will not expect to be chosen... Thanks ahead for this initiative, more blessings to come on your way...

I want to try my luck too.

I would like to receive one please this will help me in my daily activities here on steemit. Thanks.

Thats so nice of you to sponsor SBI.. I've only managed to accumulate 3 SBIs so far. I'm trying to get to 5. ;)

Hope you pick me! Resteemed of course

A free Steem? That would be nice. :-)

Who will say no to such a noble things...God bless you and I am one among them...

Hope the lot may fall into my head..

Been hearing about SBI hope I get lucky to receive a free share thanks

I would love to receive an SBI share

I'm trying my luck

Resteemed, I will enter the contest. Take care. :-)