💵Contest ending soon! 50 SBI up for grabs!💵

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If you haven't had a chance to enter - please do! I'm wild about Steem Basic Income! And I think you should be too! For months, I would give away SBD and Steem for prizes until @mariannewest asked my "Why aren't you giving away SBI as prizes instead? Then you both win!"

I had already owned shares of SBI, but simply never thought about how it was the BETTER option!

Quick Review of SBI

  1. One purchase buys TWO shares - one for you, and one FREE for someone you sponsor.

  2. The more shares you have, the higher your vote from @steembasicincome!

  3. The more Steem is worth, the higher your vote is from @steembasicincome!

  4. Enjoy your vote from SBI for as long as you are actively posting on Steemit!

If you don't have any shares of SBI yet - NOW is the time to get some! There are 9 ways to win SBI and I'm sponsoring 50 shares.

Go check out the original post and come have fun! :)

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hehehehe hi there friend <3


I love it!!! Wow, what a cool contest, actually more than one ... hihihi


yessssssssssssss so many contests LOLOLOL

I am the perfect random reason. Randomness rocks almost as much as you but not as much as this cool contest. My face is human. Because science.

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I'm really thankfull with SBI for voting continuously for me <3 Imma see if I can participate!