Letting my vp come back up.

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So guys! I’ve decided i’m going to go on a small hiatus while I wait for some payouts and for my vp to regain some strength you can see here on steemd.com/@dizzyjay that my voting power is very low because I didnt understand the complexity of the voting system. So as of today I will no longer be upvoting my blogs, but i will also be taking a voting hiatus for a few days, in regards to that when my voting power returns I will try to get a few bigger votes out there for my fellow awesome steemians, friends and following.
So today i’ll give you a few photos of River, who as of now can walk un assisted!
Give it up for my big boy, he only gets to be a toddler once so Im happy to have visual memories of this tremendous occasion. 636B3AF8-296A-49B3-BAE0-E72CD98FEF19.jpeg5D86D431-4D53-406B-906E-4B3B30CC1E55.jpegD0CF2099-03B7-4CC4-9E87-C0B2705932C0.jpegF3456A8C-4E19-417B-8436-D578457F835E.jpeg467F1BCC-CF05-4577-9AB0-6B2F75BA815C.jpegD8BB2745-D5D9-419B-9BE2-68918347E8F5.jpeg

I told Darwynn I cant afford a computer and therefore can’t upload the adorable videos I took of her brother to @dtube and this is how she reacted :

So I need to work hard here and earn enough steem and get me an awesome computer so I can make her happy and get all the awesome content put out to our beloved steemian family!
Or to directly get involved in helping our dreams come true :
My ethereum address and erc20 token wallet address


My zcash address


My bitshares handle


Much love
Be sure to pop by soon for more awesome updates on ther family, interesting crypto insights and other interesting ideas and movements going around steemit.
Be sure to do some platform testing too! Or simply check out @platforms to help build your own!

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You have a minor typo in the following sentence:

told Darwynn I cant afford a computer and therefor cant upload the adorable videos I took of her brother to @dtube and this is how she reacted :.
it should be therefore instead of therefor .

resteemed and upvoted!