Easy SBI contest #48 | Enter for a chance to win an SBI share!

The rule is:

  • Post any comment below (like: "enter me")

Optional (helps fund future contests):

  • Upvote this post
  • Resteem this post
  • Follow me
  • Tag a friend

After 24 hours, I will use a random picker on all the entries and award an SBI share (@steembasicincome) to one lucky Steemian!

Good luck

Consider using one of your witness votes on untersatz!

Run by myself and organduo—supporting the community with regular contests: Easy SBI Contest, Pinky and Spiky Drawing Contest and Secrets of Organ Playing Contest. Also powering the popular giphy bot and donating STEEM for deemarshall's creative contests.


Me Enter

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Thanks for the tag po sir!

Hehe kunting bagay, sir 👍👍

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Let's join the fun @leeart and @atongis! 😁😜

Yes naman. Tnx 😁😁

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Enter me

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Enter me thanks

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Thank you :)

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Count me in

Join din ako.

Enter me 😊

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