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RE: Frequently Asked Questions

Hi, one request. There are now 3 ways to invest in SBI - buy shares, delegate and upvote posts/comments - so it might be good to show these in the "status calls". I've seen a few comments slightly confused by how the rshares turn into upvotes.

So, would it be possible to split the rshares shown into 2, showing those based on units (both shares and delegated) and those based on upvotes? It might then make it clearer that the first set recharges while the second one will drain to zero if no new upvotes.

Just a suggestion! :-)


We track the inflows separately in our DB:
curation_rshares (these are the rshares from upvoting rewards)
other_rshares (not currently used)

These are summed and the rshares already delivered are netted out to find the pending rshares value, which is the value the status calls delivers. What % of that balance comes from upvoting rewards is not readily available and an approximation would need to be calculated.

I plan to break things out and add something like 'xx% of your total upvotes received have been from upvoting bonuses' but we need to update the other_rshares column first to add in a couple of adjustments that were made. Right now the fields would not add up properly.

Which is to say it's all in my road-map, but we haven't started on it yet.

Thanks for the update. I also thought that showing separate rshares would be some soft advertising for the new upvote-based system.

Indeed, this FAQ is so complete, it could be added as a link within all the sbi-status calls.

In fact we have just added support for including an easily customizable message at the bottom of our sbi status responses, and it will soon start including a link to the FAQ!

Thanks for all your effort, guys.
Love from @yelbosco! !sbi status

Hi @yelbosco!

  • you have 3 units and 1 bonus units
  • your rshares balance is 121592243879 or 0.062 $
  • your next SBI upvote is predicted to be 0.012 $

    This is a test comment footer!

Thanks for your efforts, guys!

I'm also doing for some days my little social experiment, evaluating the degree of sympathy by measuring the upvote received in these comments. ;)


Thanks for all you are doing, guys!

!sbi status

Hi @crmilazz!

  • you have 2 units and 0 bonus units
  • your rshares balance is 130783771883 or 0.066 $
  • as you did not write a post within the last 7 days, your comments will be upvoted.
  • you need to wait until your upvote value (current value: 0.003 $) is above 0.025 $

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