First SteemAuto Auto post

in steemauto •  2 years ago 

This is a test post of a new steem connected site I just found.

I'm setting it to publish after 1 hour.

This looks to be a very promising and helpful website.

Right now, You can use these features:

  • Curation tral
    • upvoting on the posts which someone upvotes. (following upvotes of specific users.) or becoming a trail.
  • Fanbase
    • supporting your favorite authors and upvtoing their posts after publishing.
  • Schedule posts
    +publishing a post in the future.
  • Claiming rewards
    • automatically (every 30 minutes) claiming your author or curation rewards to your account's balance.
  • Upvoting comments
    • supporting specific commenters on your posts and upvoting that comments.

😎 Pretty cool idea!
Thanks @mahdiyari

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